I write on my behalf on this day of celebrations. Today I celebrate another year of life on this earth and for sparing my life to see this day.

Thanking God for good health and strength to move on. The journey getting here was not an easy one. There were many negatives and disappointments, but I have made it thus far to say Praise O, praise my God and King.

What a privilege I have to see my daughter grow up to the Lady we longed for throughout the years. I have missed some important aspects of her growing up and God has kept us close and in unity.

lgAt this age of my life I have two grand fb_img_1475850923112children, and they are the best gifts that God has given to me. They are too, young to understand what is happening but through the grace of God I can read their language.

This is my BIRTHDAY. I am thankful and very grateful to be on the land of the living. This is my time and I thank God for all His love and mercies to me.

Sir Godfrey Gregg


Author: Godfrey Gregg