I was priveleged to be borned in the month of October and unser the sign of Libra like our Patriarch who also, bears the same sign. You may wonder why we are so close and have we ever had any problems? The answer is no.We constantly try to balance the scale with disagreements and sometimes to agree at the end.

This month our Patriarch celebrates four (4) in the highest office of The Mystical Order and I (Sir Godfrey Gregg) four years as Archbishop. That date is October 21. Now you will understand why much of our activities are done within this time frame.

October 16, will be the robing service of confirmation and affiliation with Jehovah in Emmanuel Spiritual Baptist Church. Mother Adonis is the Leader and Host for the ceremony and we will be under strict orders according to the protocol established by her church.

So let’s celebrate all Libras this month (September 23 t0 October 22)images-7

So let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. This is the time to excel and go higher while sinking deeper in the things of God. Blessings to all. Be quiet and HUG A LIBRA.







Author: Godfrey Gregg