Our God be praised and honoured for establishing in His church men and women of high Integrity. People with respecct and protocol. The Heavens is built on order and it is demonstrated in the skies how the stars and the planete maintain their orbit. When there is no oder, thereis no protocoland it ends in mass confusion.

Through out the ages there has been organizations including Odd Fellows and Freemasons of very high moral standards. Those worked an is still the establishments of the day. So in The Mystical Court we are walking ssimilar roads to instil in our people a higher standard of morals. A place where we can restore the respect and pride of living in a community for all its people.

How are we to behave and what is the purpose of serving in the society we live. Economally, regiously or politically.There ha to be a purpose of some sore and a discipline to keep us in check. Hence The Mystical Court for all christians that need for a closer walk.

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Author: Godfrey Gregg