ab5I want to thank God for this opportunity to reach out to those that visit us daily. I appreciate your presence with The Mystical family. When this website was established the purpose was to reach Spiritual Baptist, their friends and loved ones.

We want to make a different from the old traditional way yed mataining the status quo. It was meant for teaching since there are many things kept by our Spiritual parents that were never revealed. I have started to unfold some truths of the faith to enlighten and empower many who do not have the privelege. I have gathered many information from older and wiser ministers which I trickle down daily.

One thing I often hear is “I am only a babe and still learning”. Words echoed from men and women that are in the faith over 40 years. Hallelujah for them who still acknowledge that they are still in the learning stages of this spiritual journey. However, when I get the conversation going I listen and leave wiser.

Brethren, le me admonish you today that there is nothing more important after the Word of God that to have respect for your elders. I have learnt not to redicule but with good behaviour respect and the Lord will bless. I am just encouraging you from my heart and there are lots of scripture to back up my message this morning.

The increased traffice to the website from Trinidad is very encouraging. This as our associate church “Starlight of Israel Healing School” has been registered. So we have expanded The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist and now Starlight of Israel Healing School is registered. This means that there is more work for the Patriarch. I need you to pray for me and the ministry and together we will make a difference. Let us bring back greatness to the FAITH.

Sir Godfrey Gregg


Author: Godfrey Gregg