Can you pray and watch with me for one hour?
I want to first greet the saints of God in Trinidad and Tobago. The Elders and faithful believers of the Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist. I also want to greet our Affiliate churches in St. Croix and England. Now to His All Holiness Patriarch and Presiding Prelate, Queen Abbess, Cardinal and the Chief Bishop. Our other ministers at home and abroad greeting in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ our soon coming King.
It is always wonderful to wake up and take the first breath knowing that we are on the land of the living to sing “Praise O, praise our God and King.” To thank Him for watching over us and protecting us from all harm and danger. Many people went to sleep and many have been called from works to reward. Hallelujah to the Lord who has called us and chosen us to be His vessels in these last and closing days. I have prayed for you and asked that the Lord sanctify you for His honour and glory. (I have prepared a document and will be on www.mysticalorderinc.orgSunday morning at 6 AM.) I encourage you to read it and be enlightened.
Brethren let us use this opportunity to enlighten others and serve the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Today we are here and tomorrow we are somewhere else. If for some reason you are nit here I pray that you be safe in the arms of Jesus our Lord. As a Teacher and Leader I want to be the best, but I find I am helpless in myself. Therefore, I have committed to the Spirit of God who will take me to pastures fresh and green. I am still longing to hear those words “feed my sheep”. As leaders and teachers we are commissioned to give milk to the lambs. New born babes who desire the sincere milk of the word that they may grow. That is why I have embarked on the teaching and the internet. Sometimes we forget what we hear, but the information is onwww.mysticalorderinc.org for you to read over.
Within this organisation or Spiritual Baptist movement there are many rituals and different entities. Many leaders fail to teach and today all the knowledge have returned to mother’s earth. We are called to teach and preach. Yes, all are not teachers and that’s why we have classes so we can impart the knowledge. A young man asked Paul what he must do to be saved. The great teacher told him “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved.” Ministers must be equipped with the word at all times. This is nit a fairy tale, but life to those who believe and death to the doubters and unbeliever.
The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist I believed was sent by God with a mission to call the wandering souls who are out on the hills far away from the fold. This is not a new movement, but with a mission to seek those that strayed and bring them in where there will be one Shepherd (His All Holiness Patriarch and Presiding Prelate) and one fold (The Mystical Order). Many have not walked this road for a long time. This is now your moment to shine in all your glory. The King is coming and we are to be ready.
We are beloved sons and daughters of the Most High. We are no more strangers in the land. We are prophets, Priest and Kings. A holy nation, a Royal Priesthood and a chosen generation. Therefore, present yourselves as heirs to the Throne and joint-heirs with the Father. Dress to prove it and at the same time live according to the word of God. We need Thee today and every hour we need Thee. Lord Jesus Christ here your children come before you today, look at the time we approach your Throne with nothing in our hands. We are asking for your cleansing, wash us and make us white as snow. Our sins are many Lord but you can help us. We cannot do it alone or in ourselves, that’s why we are here before you. Grant us your pardon and wash us thoroughly in Thy precious blood. Let us know that you are near us at all times. Bless all our friends and well-wishers. Brothers and sisters and our ministers. Bind us together as a cord that cannot be easily broken. We love you and take charge. And all our people say AMEN.

I am your servant,

Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Apostolic Head


Author: Godfrey Gregg