How many can remember this song “Once again the gospel message, from the Saviour you have heard….” I remembered going to the open air service by the street corners as a young kid. Well dressed feel shinning with grease, because that was the only thing available.

The street corner was lit with a gas lamp on a pole and when the oil was finished there was no light. But I can recall the song “let your lower lights be burning, send the beams across the waves. Some poor struggling seaman you may rescue, you may save.”

The bells ring out and the flag waving, someone moving with a glass of water and flowers and I had no knowledge what they were doing. What I knew then it had to be of God. As time pass by I asked questions because they had something I wanted but couldn’t afford it, so I thought. But Salvation was and still without money and price. It is free because I learnt that Jesus paid the price in full for us with His life.

Today I am happy to be a part of that great movement I witnessed from my childhood. The people I admired greatly have been called from works to reward. There are others I later met and still blowing the gospel under very rough times since the beaten pathway has been converted into more modern times. The mourner room has the comfort of luxury bedding and pillow, fast food is served for meals and the cell phone near the mourner. Well, I still prefer the old time religion.
I am reminded in the book of Daniel chapter 10, how Daniel mourned for 21 days and ate no pleasant food. His time was in God’s hand. He didn’t have to be there that length of time but couldn’t leave till he got the answer to his prayer. The Bible tells us that his prayers were heard from the moment he set his eyes to heaven. However, when Michael the Archangel was en-route with his answer war began with the prince of Persia. O, my brothers and sisters Daniel never cease to pray and he didn’t know what was taking place and why so long. I want to tell you that the moment you set your hearts towards heaven the spiritual war escalates. The enemies come out in full view and force to distract and destroy.

I am here to tell you today that your prayers are heard in heaven, broken and contrite God is not going to despise. Have we trials and temptations take it to the Lord in prayer. It does not matter who you are or how big you are, I urge you to tell it to Jesus this very moment. He is the only one that hears and answer prayers. Believe me you waste time praying to any other person. No saint or stature will help you here. There is one person to forgive your sins and make you whole and that is your Father through Jesus Christ. Whatever the situation tell it to Jesus. Hallelujah.

This Christian pathway is a bed of roses, but you have to work among the thorns to get to the roses. Hallelujah for the beaten pathway that the prophets of old and our fore-parents left us. The many years of harassment eventually by the authorities paid off with the abolishment of the draconian laws that had oppressed the Spiritual Baptist for years. Today we are very proud that we have a day in our honour. “The Spiritual Baptist Day”. This is my word and it is actually a song we sing in church “We are soldiers in the army, we will fight until we die in the army of the Lord.” Our fore-parents fought for us, arrested and thrown in jail for our freedom today.Let us cherish this moment and live to show the respect to the younger generation.

I trust that my account though in a small way will keep hope alive, that the least we do for Jesus is precious in His sight.. May Almighty God bless and keep you till His coming. I love you and have a very nice day.

Your servant,

Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Apostolic Head


Author: Godfrey Gregg