Let me send a note of praise and thanks to Almighty God for all the great things He has done for us. My beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord and of this Noble and Worthy Mystical Order greetings in the precious Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ our soon coming King of kings. I pray that you are planted by the springs of living water and you are producing fruits in abundance.

Today is truly one that we can thank God for since we are still on the land of the living and can offer ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice. I am blessed to be able to do the things with my hands, my heart and my head. The things that God wants us to do as His children. Able to love one another and to forgive when others have done us wrong. Our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel and peace. Be able to run the race with God’s own grace, hands to do Thy will O, Lord. Eyes to see only the things that God wants us to se, nose to smell the sweet flavour of love and the beautiful garden, Ears only to hear the word of God and the testimonies of the saints of God. Our bodies as the temple of God and place that should be free of sin; because God cannot dwell in sin and I want to speak of our mouth last. My God we as humans can tame ad train everything and they obey us but we cannot tame our tongue. It is the smallest organ but leads us to temptation since we do not have control over it. We beat down our Pastors, Leaders, Ministers and our brothers and sisters with no regrets. I remember mourning days I was told “hear no evil and speak no evil”. We say anything and everything and fail to realise that there are consequences for all our actions. I want us to be very mindful of the things we say and even the things that we hear. Be careful what you say about your brothers and sisters. There is one thing that the word of God ask us to do and that is to pray for one another. We are to be very careful what we say about our Leaders. I will not go into details but will when I write my next sermon. I only want to admonish you today as this was resting on my heart for a long time.
As you are aware that I love you regardless of the situation. In my eyes we are equal but I have to separate the high esteem offices that many of us hold. I give respect to everyone of you and I expect that you do the same to me and everyone. We cannot say we love God and despise our brothers and sisters. Love suffers long and is kind and you can read the entire chapter of the book of 1 Corinthians 13. I will forever love you and even in death my love will be the same. Let me thank The Patriarch for the strong support for this Ministry and reaching out to others and growing the membership. Day by day one is added and the angels in heaven do rejoice. Out in the desert hear the cry sick and helpless and ready to die. Jesus will not leave us comfortless. He told us that He had to go back to the Father so we can get the comforter and He stuck to His promise and on the day of Pentecost we saw the return of the Holy Spirit.
I trust that you have receive and tonight we all are going before God to ask forgiveness for the wrongs we have done. Let us repent tonight and ask God to make us better men and women, Ministers and Leaders. We need Thee every hour in our lives and I am asking that you do not let this moment pass you by. I love yo and God bless you richly.
Your humble servant,
Rt. Hon. Sir, Dr Godfrey Gregg LOM, OHPM

Archbishop and Apostolic Head of the Mystical Order

Vice Grand Commanding Officer of the Mystical Court
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Author: Godfrey Gregg