ab9A day has been set aside for women in the world which was celebrated yesterday, but today I want just to address the women in The Mystical Order and those affiliated with this ministry.

Today I greet you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Redeemer and King who has brought us to see this day. What is more important to us than to have you in ministry standing shoulder to shoulder with men.

Many years ago this wasn’t even a privilege, as I recalled many years ago the woman had to walk several steps behind the man. The women were prevented from holding public office and were even paid less than the men for the same work and in some cases more work. As a child growing up I thought it was the norm until I became an adult and as a lone voice was even afraid to ask the question.

Today I am so happy to see that women are liberated and the fight continues for full and equal rights across the board. The Spiritual Baptist Church or Movement has recognized this injustice for many years and as we sing “put your shoulders to the wheel” we have led the way for many years.

We have followed the Scripture where Queen Esther was an example along with Ruth and Noami. Before, that there was Rahab the harlot and closer home to us Mary the mother of Jesus and not forgetting Magdeline and Elizabeth. So in all this precious history we still have Abigail a woman of integrity and good wife to a man with no education and very arrogant.

In the Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc. Women have are standing together with men in ministry. As I write we are seeking to fill the office of Matriarch who will stand on the same platform with our Patriarch. Queen Abbess stands with the Archbishop, Abbesses stand with our Bishops. Reverend Mothers and Teachers stands with our Pastors and Teachers. Everyone has a role to play in this ministry. The pride of my heart is to see the Hon. Ursula Lawrence and Hon. Janet McClean our Senior Abbesses who stand out with great respect integrity. Women of honour to whom we must emulate.

Within The Mystical Order our Queen Abbess became the first woman on many stages (see www.mysticalorderinc.org …clergy)

Yesterday I posted a message on the website in honour of International Women Day and you should make an effort to read that message. I will again send it via email sometime next week. I trust that everyone will have a wonderful day in the Lord and please keep the faith. God bless you richly.

Your servant,

Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Apostolic Head


Author: Godfrey Gregg