A brother asked me once, “What would Jesus have done without Judas”? My answer was tell me. There was a follow up question, “what would Godfrey have done withoutthose people that failed you?” The first thought came to mind was a quote from Bishop Roberts, God is too wise to make a mistake. So I have been pondering on the question for months and why I was asked that question. As I looked back I got the answer, so I want to ask you a simiar question this morning. What would you have done without Jesus?

Ponder on it as I prepare myself for work where I look up to the hills whence cometh my strength.

Judas eventually sold Jesus for some dirty silver, and today we have been sold out to some entity for titles and position. We haven’t been sold to Jesus who would take care of us but we are lost in our own trespasses and sins. What a time …..

Have a blessed day brethren.


Author: Godfrey Gregg