It’s about time that I tap my heart to see what encouragement I can give to you. I toil daily for an honest living and to put bread on my table. I need to wear clothes and keep a roof over my head. To Thee O, Lord I thank You for being my Provider. The hymn writer echoes the words of the song “My Shepherd will supply my needs, Jehovah is His Name…”. Hallelujah
Man, however, shall not live by bread alone but every word out the mouth of God our Father. This evening I shout all to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I owe. It is a mighty God I serve and how He supplies all our needs.
I have a testimony and this is not about food. Last few days I was informed of one of my ministers who was hospitalised and in a coma. My heart went out and all I could have said have your way, Lord. I thought what next to do but to pray. Immediately I wrote a prayer and posted it on this page and shared it with all my groups asking for prayer. Two days later she was out the coma and upgraded from critical to stable. This morning 6/26/16 I was reliably informed that she was talking and sitting up. God is so good and all we have to do is ask in faith and believe that He is able to do exceedingly abundant things.
I am telling you to encourage you that no matter the circumstances, or how dark the night there is a Star to guide the humble if you will trust and obey. Many storms rage in our lives but there is a still small voice that whispers in our hearts “Peace be still.” Hallelujah
I didn’t work any magic or performed any rituals, but my faith had found a resting place and He heard and answered our prayers. Brethren the people took me at my word and their hearts were indicted in a good matter towards the Throne of Grace where Jesus hears and answers prayer. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. God gave us a promise and remember we are sons and daughters of the heavenly host. Heirs and joint hear with Jesus.
Let me thank you for lifting me up in prayer with all my request. We believed in touching the Throne of God and the answer came rushing. You see brothers and sisters I withheld the name so the enemy didn’t know where the prayers were directed. Michael the Archangel knew where he was to deliver that unction of blessing. You prayed and God knew from the very beginning. My beloved, I felt so happy when the blessings came back to me. Our God is too wise to make a mistake and we all say thank You, Lord.
Have a blessed evening

Author: Godfrey Gregg