It is very disgusting to see some of the things people who call themselves Christians or true believers are posting on Facebook. it is unbecoming for a person whose life should be a beaming light to the world has failed to attract the lost and dying. This is something I didn’t want to write about, but when I see some posts from ministers my jaw dropped.

Under the the rules of The Mystical Order that protect the character and integrity of the institution our members can be disciplined with suspension or expulsion. The rules are clear and we encourage everyone to be sober and not given to strong drinks to bring disrepute among the brethren.

I trust that good sense will prevail and be mindful not to wash dirty linens in the public view. Lift up your heads and look to Him the holder of our lives in His hands. Just remember that God can do without us and really doesn’t need our help. So, let us clean up our acts and let our lights shine before men that they will see Christ living in us the hope of glory.


Author: Godfrey Gregg