Everyone faces a reluctant journey:

ab6Blessings and honour to my beloved in the Lord and especially to my brothers and sisters for we are on a pilgrim journey travelling to a place whose builder and maker is God. Let us take a look at  things that may pass our way.

A wounded vet looks at the pain-filled path toward uncertain healing.
A young schoolteacher discovers the terrors of the first year.
A retiree faces uncertain years in an uncertain era.
A college graduate examines the hardships of finding work.
An angry son knows he should make amends with his parents.
A couple’s call to full-time ministry means life will change forever.
A mother holds a baby with Down syndrome and considers the future.
An addict knows he/she needs help, but the way forward is hard and long.
A new believer discovers resistance and ridicule at his fresh faith.
A wealthy business owner struggles with the call to give sacrificially.
An agnostic battles her doubts as she desires to believe.
An employee in a toxic organization determines to live true to Christ.
Parents hurting with a prodigal child struggle to know what to do next.
A complacent Christian feels the prod to move into a deeper life with Christ.
The Saviour’s Struggle

The reluctant journey is the struggle our Lord validated in the prayer He taught His disciples: Turn in your Bibles for a scripture reading from Matthew chapter 6 and verse 13 (The Lord’s Prayer)

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. — Matthew 6:13

We repeat the words so easily and debate them so intellectually that we miss the deep, spiritual dynamic that these ten words carry. “Lead us not into temptation” voices a cry from the soul, a lament in the heart, as we gaze on the path ahead and tremble. We trust, but we know there is risk. God’s promise is sure, but there will certainly be pain. Hope and fear fold into one another like colors in the finest marble. The reluctant journey is a calling and will test everything about us.

Put yourself in the sandals of Moses, who when summoned by God to return to Egypt and confront Pharaoh said, Please, Lord, God I beg You to send Your message through someone else, anyone else. — Exodus 4:13 As you are aware that none of us can fill Moses shoes and perform the job he was ordained to do. But we can use him as our example of a great leader. Sure I want to emulate him as I cross through my “Red Sea” en-route to my destination. I want to enter the promise land and not to see it from a distance. So out of every failure there is still some good for us to follow.

Isaiah responded to his call with confidence and obedience; yet when he understood the message he was to deliver, he cried out, How long, Lord? — Isaiah 6:11

The Psalms lament the reluctant journey:

There’s no way out of here; no one cares about of the state of my soul. — Psalm 142:4

And I only asked, ‘When I stumble on the narrow path, don’t let them boast or celebrate my failure’. — Psalm 38:16 This is the portion I love and the character of David. Lord don’t let my enemies boast in my failure. I ask of You, Lord that you will walk before me so they will see You and not me. Note here that when you try to destroy and boast of your destruction that you are classified as enemy combat. This is my prayer this morning Lead me not into temptation.

Our Lord’s prayer for His disciples became our Lord’s personal lament in the Garden of Gethsemane. He knew the reluctant journey; it was before Him: We walk this same road many times without knowing where and why we are going.We journey without hope and meaning and sometimes without a purpose. This was not the case with Jesus the Christ. He was on a mission  for you and me. So let us look a little into His journey:

He took Peter, James, and John with Him; and as they left the larger group behind, He became distressed and filled with sorrow.

JESUS speaking to his three disciples he took with Him. He had a little time to open up the conversation on his journey and why they were chosen to walk with Him. Jesus said to them, “My heart is so heavy; I feel as if I could die. Wait here for Me, and stay awake to keep watch.” He walked on a little farther. Then He threw Himself on the ground and prayed for deliverance from what was about to come. Hallelujah

This was a test for the disciples, and note He didn’t take the whole church with Him. He took those that were the closest to Him. Now look here, in the church today that would be scandalous and gossip as to why only those. Haahahaha that is what I was saying all the time. Because you lack understanding and godliness your mind is so corrupt and cannot see further than your nose.

JESUS, got a distance a head of the disciples and threw Himself on the ground. He was not doing this for Himself, but He had you in His mind. His sole mission was to do His Father’s will and you were and is still part of the plan of Almighty God. Hear Jesus cried out to heaven or wherever His Father was to make a request and petition Him on our behalf. Abba, Father, I know that anything is possible for You. Please take this cup away so I don’t have to drink from it. But whatever happens, let Your will be done — not Mine. — Mark 14:33–36

O, God this morning I ask you to come among us and chose me as one of Your close servants to walk those steps with you. Jesus takes the journey with us to the next level.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head
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Author: Godfrey Gregg