God i​s a good God all the time. My brothers and sisters in Christ it is a special time for us to be switching over from self destruct to sitting at the feet of Jesus. No matter the circumstances, you owe it to God to save your soul from a downward path. ​

ab7Let us r​ead Psal​​m 118​ verses 1 through 6​

I can remember in ​primary​ school playing games like ​House cricket and sports day​. Games like that required that there be two teams with the leader of each team choosing one at a time those who would be on their side. In those days at my school there was no teacher supervision of that process, or of the playing of the game. I always dreaded those times, hoping that I would ​not ​be one chosen! That would have been ​good​.​ However I was on standby should something happen to one of the front players.​ If you were going to play the game you had to be on one side or the other.​ I loved the game but was always afraid of the ball coming towards me at 60 to 90 miles per hour. God was on my side because I was never injured in the game.​

In life who is on your side? Your spouse, your children, your parents, your co-workers, other members of your church, your pastor? You do have some people in life who are on your side. Most likely you are never as alone as it may sometimes seem. However, we need to ​​remember that people are just people. Sometimes we humans do not always make the right decisions, even those who you think are on your side. Other people make mistakes just like you do and they have problems in their lives the same as you. There will be times when those that you believe to be on your side will fail to stand up for you. There will be times when you want their help, you ask for their help, for their support and those people will let you down. This is a sad fact of life that people will sometimes let you down.​ Have you ever experience this situation?​

When everything in life goes south and you wonder how you can go on, here’s a tool that you can use to help. Psalm 118:6 ​(​NKJV​)​ says, “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” What can man do to you? What is the absolutely worst thing that can happen? The worst of the worst most likely will only occur in your life a few times over the course of a lifetime. If you can make it through it, you will have clear sailing for years. Here is something that can help you to survive. If you can come to the point where you can accept the worst that can possibly happen – then you can move forward. You can move forward knowing that regardless of what other people may do or say, God is on your side. “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE! And, God proved that once and for all when Jesus suffered and died for our sins on the cross.​ So what happens to you today is “small potatoes”. I say to you get over it and keep living for God. ​

Hear me this morning “No weapon, I say No weapon that is formed against you will prosper”. Your battles have been won already and it is time that we lay down our arms and STOP fighting against our God. Oh, what a great experience it is for us this morning that all our sins are taken care of in the blood of God’s Son. Hallelujah, what a privilege we have to take it all to the Lord in prayer. May you have a blessed day in the Lord.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
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Author: Godfrey Gregg