ab9Pray until something happen my brothers and sisters of The Mystical Order and our associates. It is a great time that we are living in and we must get our house in order for we do not know the time or the hour that the Son of God will put in His appearance. Brethren it is time that we trim our lamps and put oil in them and get ready to meet the Bridegroom. 

Nothing will happen until you pray. There are answers to prayer waiting to be born. Answers from God. You’re about to give birth in this hour to miracles. It won’t happen until you start praying. Push, push. Some of you are right at the door for a breakthrough. It’s time to push. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPEN. The Word of God tell us Men ought always pray, and not to faint; “Luke 18:1. I am telling you this is your moment and time for something to happen in your life. This is the hour to push and the Jews are preparing to return to their homeland. The signs are everywhere that something big is about to happen. What it is I don’t know and I do not have the answer, but the word of God tells us that when we see these signs taking place it is time to lift up our heads and look up for our redemption draweth nigh.

Your prayers, God hears every one. Don’t throw hope away. Don’t throw your faith away. Your prayer and fasting is destroying something that’s been standing in your way of progress. Your unbelief and doubts is being removed. Your faith is being resurrected. The praying and fasting you’ve been doing has been building up your faith. Giving you a greater hunger to pray and read the Word of God. Some are crying “I don’t feel like receiving more of the anointing of God through prayer and fasting. I don’t believe it takes all of that. “That’s when you have to push, and push. Pray. Push again in faith. God will give you the strength to pray until some happen not only in your life. I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:14.

I press in the Name of Jesus over worry I press and pray over stress, I press over depression in the Name of Jesus. I press in the Name of Jesus over bad thoughts and I push and press over the past hurts and failures.I press over lies in Jesus Name. I am pressing over jealousy, deceit, anger, hypocrisy, in the Name of Jesus Push, push pray until something happen. This is not a time to nurse hurts and wounds. Rise up and do mighty things in God. Start fasting and praying until you hear from heaven. If there was ever a time the people of God needed to seek His face the time is now. I call on everyone of you to pray and push, God is waiting to hear from you today and every day.Your reward is awaiting you but you have to push through the barriers of this wicked world to get the results that are awaiting you. Don’t settle like Moses to see the promised land, but like Joshua to occupy the very land.

Rise up People of God Come forth in fasting and Prayer, and push your way to the other side.  It is written, “I AM the LORD that healeth thee” That means you. The power of the Holy Ghost is coming down greater and greater. The power of God’s Spirit is in our midst these days like great glory clouds all around us. Jesus is here for us. And He’s still saying I am the Lord that heals you. Something happened when you prayed. Something happened when you believed God. Daniel prayed for twenty and one days till the answer arrived, you can do the same today.

I will continue this message tomorrow in the Name of the Lord.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head
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Author: Godfrey Gregg