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AB2We need to be aware of our sin. Nineveh had to know what they were doing wrong before they heard the warning, so they could act quickly. You know yourself and if you are waiting for a warning or reminder from God this is your message. Today if you will hear His voice harden not your heart. Do not let this opportunity pass you without making a decision.

We must be quick to turn from our evil ways. Nineveh rushed to do as the king had ordered. Do you have a king in your life? Yes I have one and He is King Jesus who is still speaking to us even as you are reading this message.

We must be willing to humble ourselves before God with fasting and prayer. The Ninevites fasted and cried out to God for forgiveness and God issued a reprieve. Do you find yourself in that same situation? If, you are, then do what the Ninevites did. Repent of your sins before Almighty God and believe that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

We must be completely submissive to God. Part of fasting and prayer is a giving up of self and recognizing we are weak and can do nothing without God. We need to apply ourselves to the will of our God and let Him take charge of our lives.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we are able to have a different relationship with our Creator today. We can reach out in prayer, fast and repent just like Nineveh did. However, unlike Nineveh, we don’t have to say as their king did: “Who can tell if God will turn and relent?”

We have the knowledge that, if we repent and turn from our evil ways, we will be forgiven. Through God’s Holy Spirit we have that special access they did not. Christ said that with the faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains. That’s amazing information! Nineveh had no such faith and yet were sincere in their cries to God.

We can turn around our communities this morning if we will only let God take charge of our lives. You know what I am talking about, because you have a testimony to share. You’ve been through that situation before and you can testify how God made a turn around in your life.

Both we and the Ninevites have hope. This is my understanding of hope is to “want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.” This was Nineveh’s hope. They were unsure of the outcome. Today you have the assurance through the resurrection of Jesus. 

Webster’s dictionary puts it this way: “1: to desire with expectation of obtainment. 2: to expect with confidence and trust.” Our hope lies in the promises of Jesus Christ. Nowhere will it tells you it is in a man. Your trust and confidence MUST be in Jesus Christ. 

The story of Jonah is far more than that of a big fish or a whale and a warning given by God. It is also a story of a great multitude of people who for at least a time, stopped everything, listened to God and then submitted themselves before Him in order to find redemption. A people no one expected Jonah to change. You can be the Jonah for your city, community or your home.

Nineveh did well in this instance, but the city and its people did not retain the favour they had claimed with God during that time. Nahum chapter 2 tells us that they were ultimately overthrown. Christians must make sure to always hold strong to the truth, so as not to end up overthrown by Satan or anything else that might draw us back into our sinful lives.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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