20151106_222938What a time this morning when we can look back and tell of the wondrous story of how Jesus came to show us the way.  How He came from humble begins and became man that we through Him can be made alive in Him. We were like the egg looking nice until that shell was emptied and left alone. How I thank God for speaking to us in such simple ways, yet we miss the essence of what the message is to us. My brothers and sisters in the Lord this s a great moment for us to look and see that the Lord is good.

The effects of shame leave us like that empty shell, and sometimes we end up looking to anyone or anything to fill us. I’ll admit that I came to most of my friends with empty hands, begging them to help me satisfy the hunger in me they couldn’t possibly have filled. It was never their role to fix my broken shell, and it was unfair of me to expect that from any human being. And so I began to attend the clubs, bars and looked for anything that would filled the void.While I gave up smoking I began to drink until I had no place to lay my head. Yet God in His mercy saw me and in 2005 there was a change on the horizon that brought a turning point in my life. I really don’t care what the world say, but it is how God sees me. So, today I want you to face the challenges head on as I attempt to minister to you.

The woman at the well (John 4) is a prime example of another woman who looked to men to fill her up. She had given herself to six husbands, but one fine day, her true Husband, Jesus, stood before her at the well. He had loved her before she ever knew Him. He stayed when the others left. He knew the amount of hair on her head and had counted the number of shameful tears she had shed. He knew the real her, and He loved every bit. She responded to the love of Jesus that day by dropping her water jar at His feet — releasing her tight grip on the past, on the men, on her sin, and on her shame — and acknowledging that He had always been, and would always be, the only one who could fill her empty places. He restored her crumbling shell.

Perhaps you’re running from one romantic relationship to the next, looking for affirmation, looking to feel complete. Maybe you are running from one church to another looking for the power of God to fill you up. How many churches have you ran into for the last year. Maybe you tried to steal a church or form your own looking for something satisfying and you turned up empty. Maybe you’re thirsting for approval from a pastor, teacher, parent, boss, or even a friend. Only Jesus, the Living Water, can fill you in such a way that you become satisfied and yet never grow tired of drinking deeply. Return to Him again and ask of Him to forgive you and fill you up. He is standing before you saying, “My daughter, my son, my Bishop, minister, I see you — all of you. Nothing is hidden from Me, and yet no sin or shame can ever change My love for you. I like you. I love you. I adore you. And I can fix your broken places.”

So return to Jesus. Give yourself gold stars. Stop shouldering. Enjoy the little things. Remind yourself of God’s truth. Continue to acknowledge shame. Sharpen your weapons and become a shame slayer, one who is consistently and victoriously overcoming her shame. Do you remember the woman that the men brought to Jesus after they had ravished her. Their hearts filled with hate and hypocrisy yet their ego to look right in the sight of Jesus  they brought this woman to Him. Filled with hate and shame they stood before Jesus accusing this woman of adultery. That was the only sin they knew, the only one that they committed. Many times it is not hard to tell how people live, just listen their sermons or the way that they live. O, my brothers and sister the apples don’t fall far from the tree.  So when you minster on a particular subject constantly it tells where you are located and the level of understanding of the word.


God, You are my Overcomer, and I want to live a life that exemplifies You. When shame rears its ugly head, give me Your strength to knock it down. When I bury myself in shame or put expectations on myself that You don’t, or when I look to others to fill me, please help me to listen to Your powerful voice. Remind me to return to You again and again. You are the only one who can fill me, and I praise You for that. Amen.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg