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But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant. — Luke 22:26

AB2Bless the Lord and all that are within me bless His holy Name. My brothers and sisters in the Lord this morning we thank God for sparing our lives to see another sun rise and to breathe fresh air. We continue to look to Him to supply our needs and to serve You in the beauty of holiness, for which no man shall see the Lord.

This verse states a view that is so different than what the world practices. According to the world, a leader is to have special privileges and to be treated better than everyone else. A former employee of mine thought that she didn’t need to do as much work because she had “paid her dues.” It only caused dissent with the rest of the employees. Wouldn’t you love to arrive at work someday and find your boss cleaning? Or how about the husband who doesn’t feel like he needs to help around the house because he is the “king of his castle?” Wouldn’t you love to have your husband cook you dinner after you’ve spent a long day with the kids? And what if he did that often? Now that’s serving up love!

Why are these scenarios so unusual? I think that it’s because we have a messed up idea of leadership–and a messed up idea about service. The world seems to see service as a form of weakness. Jesus tells us and shows us that service is a sign of strength–it takes inner strength to serve those around us. It’s a very humbling experience. Leaders who think they are above serving are simply afraid of their weaknesses.

Christ tells us that our leadership should be different than what the world expects. We shouldn’t gloat over being above anyone else but use our place in life to help others. If that is what Jesus demands of us why are you trying to over ride and destroy others to reach to the top where there is no foundation. The best leaders or teachers are the ones who can admit when they are wrong or they don’t know the answer. Then, because they are leaders, they work to find the correct answers and lead people down the right path. God I thank your for my Patriarch that has been leading me and still does. I thank You Lord for humbling me to see his leadership and to work for the better good of the people we serve. Thank you Lord.

Look at the leadership examples around you. Do they tend to be humble or haughty? Take a look at your own leadership style. If you’re a parent, how do you lead your children? As a wife, how do you serve your husband? Husbands, how do you serve your wives? Service isn’t just a sign of humility but of love as well. Good leadership requires love. It’s a love outside of us–God’s love. Ask God for His love to empower and guide your leadership and relationships with people. Follow Him, for He is our ultimate servant-leader.

I want to thank You for loving me even when I am not lovable. Thank you for believing in me and for His grace that set us free. Thank you for your humility that you still reach down to me and show me the way. Thank you for the encouragement to meet your needs everyday through these emails. 

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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