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FB_IMG_1429980271815My God I thank you for the many blessings You have bestowed on me. They are countless  and I do appreciate them and Thank you for every good gift around me. My beloved readers, friends, brothers and sisters it is time to rise up and give God some praise and thanks for your deliverance. Now let us finish up this message….

I have seen people walking around with a permanent anger at everybody and every thing—and no one is bothering them, and things are not that much out of whack around them, but they have this permanent anger about them, I even see it in young people, don’t touch me, don’t say anything to me, don’t try to correct me, they seem to be in a place all their own, and it is not a good place. I have seen how the anger spread as I look at the news day after day. Young people slashing others in their faces without a cause. Giving people the knock out punch. Why? How have we gotten to that place where we are no longer our brother’s keepers.

So what is wrong with them, I have not done anything to them, you have not done anything unto them. Yet they take out their anger on you without a cause. They have walked away from the paling of God’s grace and no longer claims the dwelling place of Almighty God.

I found out that they are not angry with you, they are not angry with me, they are angry with themselves because they allowed that spirit that is not like God to take so much control of them that it has given them this personal pain that makes them angry at themselves because they have lost the knowledge of the way back to their Father’s house.

And since they are angry at everybody and wont listen to anybody, their anger consumes them and their spirit is trapped in a human body and their very anger wont let it get out and get some spiritual help that will drive away that anger that consumes them. My brothers and sisters it is a sad hour we are living in these days. I hope you that are reading this email will take warning and try to do good. We must be held accountable before God for the things we have done in this life and now is the time to get back or perish.

The very knowledge of the fact that I came out of God, and at the same time remain in him, helps me to look unto the hills from whence cometh my help. Read it over and get the message till you understand why you are here. Oh, my brother find the core of your energy and plug in.

Then the truth of what Moses said rises up before me, Lord; thou hast been my dwelling place in all generations. Did you know it is to this dwelling place that we all repair to when we are hurting, when we are broken, when there is no where else to go.

We go there unconsciously when there seems to be no more room for us here in the world. And I have come to those times, and repaired to the Lord’s dwelling place, and gradually I became conscious of the fact that I am in the dwelling place of the Lord in my spirit all the time. I trust you get the message I am giving to you while I free myself from this body. I want to be with the Lord when He comes.

 Your servant and brother,

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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