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2014-11-30 13.41.24Blessings to you my brothers and sisters in the Lord and to all our friends and readers where ever you get this mail. Let us do one thing today and that stands together in one accord. The following scriptures will help to guide us along the way.

Acts 7:57 Then they cried out with a loud voice, and stopped their ears, and ran upon him with one accord. Accord is defined as to cause to conform or agree: bring into harmony; to bring into an agreement –to reconcile or to grant or give especially as appropriate, due. We come standing together. We know a house divided against itself cannot stand. United we stand divided we fall. Who is on the Lord’s side?
Exodus 32:26 Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD’s side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.

We come to praise Your name in one accord. You should be able to stand a little better–there is someone who is standing with you. This is spiritual warfare–we stand together–pick up your sword. Stand with your brothers and sisters in one accord. We claim the victory, in the Name of Jesus. Thank You, Lord, thank You, Jesus. What an awesome God we serve. The enemy wants to get you isolated–look to the hills from which comes your help, your help comes from the Lord. God will send someone to your door. We have to stand together. The enemy wants you to be isolated, by yourself–to destroy and to kill you.

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. Say your name, it is engraved in the palm of God’s hand. We are standing together, trusting and believing what God told you. Stand on God’s word. He sped up the process–on yesterday. The enemy will try to shake your ground. Stand on one accord–on Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

Thank You, Lord. When God shows up to tell you to stand together– God is moving. If you are isolated the devil will try to keep you from those you should be standing with. We come to serve the enemy notice–we are standing together. Do you know how much power there is in numbers? We have way more than 2 on the line–stand together. God, we are looking for you to bless marriages–because they are standing together in agreement, and are of one mind. We stand together, touching and agreeing on Your word. You came to heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives free.

When we begin to stand together–God gets in a hurry to bless us. God is moving right now. There is power in the Name of Jesus. If we all called His Name, how much power is available to us? The enemy has to flee–all that power, in Jesus’ Name. Joshua walked around the wall of Jericho and nothing happened for 6 days. Even on the 7th day, nothing happened until they shout in one accord then the walls came tumbling down. You see there is power in unity in the Name of Jesus.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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