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20151106_222938 A blessed good morning to all my reader, well-wishers, brothers and sisters. The grace and peace of Almighty God reign in your hearts. May the Holy Spirit santify you within to the outside and keep you in the perfect will of our Father.


Learn to walk in the Spirit, learn to yield to the Spirit, and the Spirit of God has a way of erasing the tape of negative things.  I thank God for that.  I thank God that I do not remember unkindnesses, for the most part.  I ask the Spirit of God to erase those things, to produce in me a joy that focuses on joyful memories.  That’s the work of the Spirit in the heart of the believer.  Bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, hatred, always remembering evil – that is the work of the flesh, holding grudges. That is something I do not want to assosiate myself with in these last days. So I ask the Lord God, Jehovah to erase these things from my life.


We all share the same common, eternal life made ours in Christ.  He gives us all life.  We’re all one with Him, one with the Father, one with the Spirit, one with each other.  It’s a fellowship of life.  What a cause of joy.  It’s a fellowship of faith.  Just as Christ draws near to the sinner himself, the sinner draws near to God in living faith.  It’s a fellowship of faith, we all believe.  We all believe in the same God.  We all believe the same truth of God’s Word.  It’s a fellowship of prayer.  It’s a fellowship where we come commonly before God on behalf of one another.  It’s a fellowship of praise, a fellowship of thanksgiving, it’s a fellowship of love.  We enshrine other Christians in our hearts and yearn for them out of love.  It’s a fellowship of service; commonly we shoulder the load and do the ministry.  It’s a fellowship of contributing to other’s needs.  It’s a fellowship of promoting the gospel through preaching, teaching, and witnessing.


Pride – David knew that God was with him, 2 Samuel 5:12.  He may have let that knowledge go to his head. Just like in our times and some are without  any form of knowledge, just swell-headed. He may have forgotten the truth that God will walk with those who are going His way, Amos 3:3.  You see, when people are passing through hard times, they become very dependent upon the Lord.  Sometimes they take shelter with another person, but when they beocme a little successful they walk away and many times try to lay blame on their rescurer. There is no room for pride when you are depending on the Lord for everything you need.  But, when success come, when the dreams are fulfilled, when you have what you want, it is easy to become lifted up in pride. I want you to take note that the great fall comes after your pride. Many time we forget where we were and where we came from. How did we get to the place to look over yonder? Many started on the pilgrimage journey with Christian. They were bound for the Celestial City and their pride caused them to fall off the way.


5.  Arrogance – David had come to believe his own press!  He believed that he was everything people said he was. So it is today that we sometimes feel and think the way of the people around us. We miss the mark and replaced love with very arrogant behaviour.  He reveled in his celebrity and it became his downfall, Proverbs16:18. We all need someone around us who will tell us the truth about ourselves and help us stay humble before the Lord. There are some that surround you that only wish your downfall, you have to mark those persons and be aware of your surroundings. Ever walking in the vocation wherein you’re called.


I do not know of any better way to minister this truth this morning. Did we arise from our sleep and tell ouselves that we are the world and control everything around us? Where did all this arrogance came from and who is responsible for this type of behaviour? Are we seriously seeking a place whose builder and maker is God? Labour not for the things that will perish, but for the things eternal in the heaven of heavens. I pray that you will have a blessd weekend. God bless and I love you.


Your servant and brother,

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Presiding Prelate

Administrator and Apostolic Head


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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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