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20151018_202023One day at a time sweet Jesus. Thanking Almighty God for His love, mercy and grace towards us this morning. We are very happy and glad to know that we are above ground with all our senses intact. My brothers and sisters in the Lord to God we direct all our prayers and thanks. I want to talk a little on the preparation God is making for us

God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream. This is not a dream you get when you are asleep. This is something you look forward to and set your goals.

Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns. And I want you to understand that the beauty does not fall out the skies. It is something you work towards. Nothing worth having ever comes easy or without opposition. Storms will come, lions will roar, and our fears will be confronted. God allows the path to be difficult because He intends on refining us and preparing us for our place of promise. He is intent on extracting from us, that which our enemy would love to leverage against us.

God loves us too much to promote us before we are ready.

In our world today many people want the easy way out and in many instances climb on the backs of others until they get what they want. Nothing is easy and it takes time to get in position. That’s why God so loved the world, He gave His only son that if we believe in Him we will not perish; but have everlasting life. You look at ones achievements and literally steal from that person and take credit for something you did not work for. In my opinion that is of a very low life. Hard work brings success and you have to do it with your own hands. Politicians do it, scientists do it, teachers do it, preachers do it and satan is the author of it.

And so, as we follow His lead, we will at different times, find ourselves in a valley – a valley of decision. Marriages die there. Dreams die there too. The flesh dies hard and unfortunately for many, they’ve opted to let their dream die before they’d ever allow their flesh to be confronted. If God called you and set a purpose in your heart, nothing will stop that dream from it’s fulfillment. I say nothing hinders the work of Almighty God. You have to submit yourself to the destiny He has places you in. That is making your calling and election sure.

We all have weak spots and areas of inconsistency in our character. Until we see Jesus face to face, we will need His guidance and correction. He wants to take us from strength to strength; from glory to glory. Not running from place to place like an unthinking horse going to battle. Preparation is the key for you to walk this Godly and courageous walk.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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