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102_0845As we come to a close of this series my brothers and sisters I pray that you are receiving the word. We are approaching judgement if we are not in it already. This is the day no more delay, but to trust Jesus now and plead for His mercy.

For this reason, freedom is the foundation of the true worship of God. He is looking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth, not under compulsion. This is why the gospel has to come in weakness, carried by earthen vessels who themselves are in need of the redemption they preach. The power that the gospel comes with is to deliver us from the consequences of the Fall, sickness, and disease, but if it came with too much power, people would have to submit to it and would not have the choice that proves true devotion.

It was the power of God that stretched out the heavens like a tent curtain. When the Lord divided the Red Sea for Moses, the angels were bored—they had seen much greater things than this. If God wanted to reveal His power to compel men to serve Him, He could write His Name in the heavens with the stars. The power that He has given His people to walk in is not to prove His power but to prove His love—that He cares for us and does not want us to suffer. In fact, He loves us so much He came to bear our suffering so that we would not have to. Even so, we must choose to trust Him and obey Him or we will bear the consequences of our pride and transgressions.

Let us resolve to celebrate every day with the great love that He has for us and the great price that He paid for our transgressions. It is justice that He who paid such a price should have our ultimate devotion. It is just for the gospel, the story of such love, to be shared by us every day and in every way so that He might receive the reward of His sacrifice—the people He loved so much that He would pay such a price for them. Justice demands that we freely share what we have so freely received.

Let us resolve that this year will be the year when we share with all that we can this greatest of treasures we’ve been entrusted with—the gospel. Not your church I say and repeat the power is in the gospel.


Finding and fulfilling your purpose is the greatest adventure you can have in this life and should be a top priority for every Christian. Helping Christians find and then be prepared for their purpose is the reason This website http://www.mysticalorderinc.org, email program and themysticalorder.blogspot.com exists. Having been called a movement of “thinking prophets,” The Mystical Order is designed to equip and prepare the Christians in our times in every area of influence, not just leaders of churches. If you are resolved to do what it takes to become the follower of the King in this hour, this ministry can help you get there.

You do not have to have any titles or degrees to help you get there. It just takes commitment and a desire to serve the Lord with all your heart and soul. You have the opportunity now to do what is right and accept the offer that is available to you. Take mercy or face the penalties of judgement.

Let us pray

My God another time I ask You to have mercy on us Your children. We are in this situation because we have inherited the sinful nature of our birth. Now that we recognized it we are pleading before Your Throne for mercy and grace. Spare us the penalties of Your judgement as we accept Your freedom to serve and worship You in the beauty of Holiness. AMEN

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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