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Have you seen the witness of Men on an Exodus to Torah in the 21st century in the Bible–  Jeremiah the prophet stands up to speak from chapter 30:17-25 and this will be our text for this morning message.

The Mystical Order family be aware that there are things that are taking our focus from God.  The hindrances are becoming like idols, the time that we spend on them.  This is time that we should be spending with Him.  These blockages, obstructions, or burdensome things that cause delay is not where we should focus our energy. We need to only have positive energies around us in order to attract the positive energies from above.  Certainly the hindrances are not able to free us from what is in our path, that we in turn put in His path to us.  

Destination is some where or some place were a person or item is being sent.  Once we get to our destination it is our divine appointment.  The hindrances are an attempt to keep us from our destination.  Remember this is not our plan–it is God’s plan for us!  It is His purpose that will prevail. Remember when Daniel was praying and he set his heart towards heaven and the prince of Persia intercepted his prayer and delayed his answer from heaven for twenty and one days. We will find situations made less comfortable to prod us into the right direction but do we rely on our sight over His word? Do we put our dreams in front of the word and make it absolute?  Do we truly leave it in His hands and sit in expectation of His promises?  When we die daily and renew our minds to be focused on that which He has set before us.  
His word is unfailing!  It is on His word that we can and should stand!  Where do we find hindrances–pride, the trust in our abilities that we would even dare to boast in our abilities.  With clear thinking we can set aside pride and trust that He will handle it.  He does not need our help–we don’t need to share our issues with everyone.  Our trust is to be in Him!  Fear is another hindrance that is an obstacle in our path.  Do we trust in what Adonai has said?  Isn’t He in control of all things.  
Rely is He alone who is worthy and abides faithful!  The Mystical Order will take steps to get in motion on that thing that God has given you to do.  That thing that you have been running from and dodging.  The questions that we have to His instruction and the avoidance to His voice is rebellion.  Follow His instructions He has our best interest at heart.  Whether we come willingly or by His plan.  Wake up The Mystical Order and hear and obey that which God is speaking to us.  The reliance on ourselves places us in a dangerous position of pride and rebellion.  The plans that we make and even believe are better than His–leads us further and further away from Him.  When we come to understand that we need His understanding, that we will no longer pursue the hindrances in our choices or behaviors.
I have done my best to minister to you daily and I pray that you are receiving the truths of His word. I am only a vessel and I pray one of honour in these trying times. Daily we try to balance our jobs with serving the Lord. Yes and if we give it all to Him and let Adonai do the work in us without our help we can move mountains.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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