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Happy NEW YEAR to you and yours I pray this year would be a year of fulfillment and prosperity for you. May you be able to capture and achieve all your set goals and aspirations. As you left the year 2015 I ask that you leave the bad, yes leave it there and the good you carry it over. Above all give the Creator the many thanks for enabling you to see this year a new era and dispensation in your life. Be strong and may you strive for victory in everything, be small or big go for it. You’re the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, you’re a king/queen in your own rights you just have to see it and accept. You won’t always get things as you like but know that the most high  plan is greater for you. Embrace who you are and be content with who you are. Yourself is the greatest person you can be, trying to be another you would fail, be the best you can be with all your might. What one say about you doesn’t make you that person, you’re whatever you believe you are and would as much as you allow yourself to do.You’re your greatest enemy and at the same time your greatest friend. Happy new year and happy new you.

+ Godfrey Gregg


Author: Godfrey Gregg

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