ab9The angel came with a message of “good tidings.” Literally, this phrase comes from the word from which we get our “evangelize.” The message of the angel was a message of salvation. He came to proclaim the glorious news that a Saviour had been born in Bethlehem! Just like how you received that great commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. The angels has a direct message for that day. My brothers and sisters continue reading this message and trust God. Let us give thanks unto the Lord for He is good.

This message is a message of hope! As has been mentioned in other messages, these men were social outcasts. They were considered unclean by their religion and were typically uncouth, dirty, and vulgar men. They were the type of men that no one wanted to be around. They were generally forgotten by some elements of their society. However, they hadn’t been forgotten by God! How wonderful that these wretched, sinful men who gave their lives to raising sheep for the Temple services were the first to hear the good news that the Lamb of God had been born into the world. It was a message of hope! They were forbidden from seeking God in the Temple, but God brought salvation to them! Hallelujah, man may forget the good we have done and walk over us. Our good deeds may be spilled in the roads and never to be remembered. I have good news for you today that God has not forgotten about you. My brothers and sisters of this mystical Order there is hope for all of us through this God child. I really don’t understand how God took the outcast to bring the message of salvation to the world. I really don’t understand. Yet, when I look into my life and see what He is doing through me I have to trust Him. This is His will and perfect plan. I feel left out at times but then I read how Rahab the harlot was saved, Saul got saved. The great city of Nenivah was saved, Daniel in the lions den, the three Hebrew boys and the list goes on and on. Will you like to be numbered in the modern books of history. Then you have to trust God at His word.

The message hasn’t changed! The Gospel is still a message of hope. You may be one who has committed some really terrible sins. You may feel that God wouldn’t save you. You may feel that you have no hope. You may think that you are beyond the scope of God’s saving power. Well, let me tell you this morning that the door of salvation is standing wide and that whosoever will may come in and find salvation for their soul! (John 6:37; Isaiah 1:18-19 (Notice, there are no qualifications!); Matt. 11:28) Here’s the deal, if you are lost and know you need a Saviour, then know that Jesus is who you need. And, just as the message was one of hope for those men that night, it is a message of hope for you this morning. It is a chance to begin life again. It is an opportunity to have your sins washed away. It is an opportunity to come to know God and assure yourself of Heaven when you die. Thank God, there is still hope in the Gospel!

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg