From the rgistration of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist in 2012, the governing body known as the Executive Council passed the Bylaws and Rules by a unanimous vote. Embedded in those ruled was the setting up of the “Inner Court” which was later called “The Mystical Court”.

The following offices were established:

1. The Supreme Grand Commanding Officer
2. The Grand Commanding Officer
3. The Vice Grand Commanding Officer
4. The Assistant Grand Commanding Officer
5. The Commanding Officer

6. The Grand Commanding Mother
7. The Vice Grand Commanding Mother
8. The Assistant Grand Commanding Mother
9. The Commanding Mothers

These are Offices registered and established for the purpose of the Governing of the Mystical Order.

Under this article the functions of each office was etched in black and white and lodged in the archives of The Mystical Order and are used whenever there is a meeting.

Under these rules The Mystical Court is empowered to issue within the guidelines DEGREES of varying ranks and heights are issued to members who are at a certain level in the Order. The highest of these degrees is the “Patriarchial Degree”. “Order of Melchezidek”, “Order of Aaron” etc

Ministers in good standing are further elevated and are allowed to carry the titles “Sir”, “Lady” or “Dame”

So what are the signifinance of these titles and why are they important to us inthe organization. What are the meanings and how symbolical are they to us in view of the Scriptures. By the way are they even scriptural? Well much said to those that were and still in a lodge will understand the great signifinance and should avoid walking where angels feared to walk.

So youwere given a sign and no word…. How will you know a true brother or sister without the information. The sign is one, but can you tell a brother from whence he came? Ah ah ah…… Zion deee kaayyy.

So when I see my brother I can stand in the corner and send him a signal and then the questions follow. Where do we go after. Remember thisis an “ORDER” and The “COURT” is embedded deep in the ORDER. If there is no order it would be hard for you to follow protocol.

I will write in more detail on my nest post, so until have a great and wonderful day.

Dr. Rt. Hon Sir Godfrey Gregg
Vice Grand Commanding Officer

(Titles in the Court are different and the formal address is much different)


Author: Godfrey Gregg