Ab2Blessed good morning to my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a blessing for me to reach out to you by way of email or Facebook post. I pray God that all is well with you and that you are pressing on the upward way. Join me for the morning reading from the Book of St. Matthew chapter 12 verses 1 to 21

Matthew 12:1-21
We sometimes send parcels with the words ‘Fragile – Handle with Care’ stuck on them. Have you ever felt in need of one of these stickers yourself? How about us using the label “Brittle or Touch not”. Do we really need to be label like our packages. You may not know what label you have because you are not in the place to hear it. Every person that name the Name of Christ has a label. The people don’t see what Jesus have done for you. They only remember what they heard of or known about you, and they label you. So why are you afraid to be in public view? Do you know Jesus? If you do that there is real proof for you to step out your zone and shout Jesus for you have received His mercy.

Jesus utterly rejected the legalism of the Pharisees (verses 1–12), quoting and fulfilling the prophecy of Hosea: ‘I desire mercy not sacrifice’ (Matthew 12:7, Hosea 6:6). Justice and legalism are not the same – indeed they can be opposites. Jesus breaks the legalistic Pharisaical laws by healing a man on the Sabbath in an act of great mercy, love and compassion (Matthew 12:13–14). It is so sad how people have forgotten the things that Jesus endured for us to be free. Many people are looking to corrupt politicians to free them. I have good news for you today that whom the Son of Man set free is free indeed. You are no more in bondage Hallelujah.

Jesus combines justice and mercy. He fulfilled all the promises of the Old Testament about God bringing justice to the nations. Here Matthew quotes Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 42:1–4), which Jesus fulfilled (Matthew 12:18–21). He would bring ‘justice to the nations’ (verse 18c) “I will put my spirit upon Him, and he shall shew judgement to the Gentiles” and lead ‘justice to victory’ (verse 20c) “till He send forth judgement unto victory”. Yet he is full of mercy, love and compassion. ‘A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out’ (v.20). There are times in life when we are physically, emotionally or spiritually fragile – like a ‘bruised reed’ or a ‘smouldering wick’. Are you in such a situation now? If you are, it is time to let go of the justice (law) and reach out for mercy.

Unlike many, Jesus continues to show us mercy, love and compassion when we are weak and fragile. When we are fragile, Jesus handles us with care. Yes my brothers and sisters we have a caring Jesus who is always there for us. You may not know much about Him, but through His word as you read it today can be a turning point in your lives. Jesus is quoting one of the ‘servant songs’ from Isaiah 40–55. These songs are all about a suffering servant who will sacrifice his life in order to bring forgiveness of sins (Isaiah 52:13–53:12).

In these ‘servant songs’, God’s mercy and justice come together. The world is set right; injustice and oppression are ended, and the needy and broken are set free. Yet it is God himself who makes the sacrifice, who bears the punishment and consequences of our sins. Rather than being crushed by God’s justice, you are set free by it. At the cross, justice and mercy meet. 

Many people today are still looking at the natural things around them for the satisfaction that they seek. You are not going to find it. There is no mercy except in Jesus and it is available to you, if you can trust Him. All politicians have failed and they will fail you. Businesses have failed, families have failed, churches have failed, ministers have failed and there is only one person I am pointing you to this morning that has never failed and cannot fail; that person is Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Jesus, that you came as the suffering servant. Thank you that you enable justice and mercy to come together through your sacrifice on the cross. Thank you for including me in Your plan.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg