I trust that the last few days we learnt something or was just a renewal of things you have learnt many years ago . Sometimes in life we need to hear form other sources for our own enlightenment. I will hope the weekend will make a great difference in our lives as we step into the light for our transformation. Let the peace of God reigns in your hearts and God bless you richly.
“Oyá is the energy of storms, lightning, tornados, hurricanes and cemeteries. Also known as Yansa, Oyá is the master of transformation and the reassigning of power. She is the emissary and protector of the Egun. She transports the spirits of the recently deceased to the spirit realm. Oyá leads us to inner-stand the science of death. She knows that all things must die in order to transcend their form and provides us with the fortitude to go through the doors of death in order to alter our structure.
Oyá is the wife of Sango and in that union she offers us the courage to accept the change in our lives. Reflective of the Sango/Oya union is the power relationship between a King who has the ability to enforce proper code and the insight to humble himself to the wise counsel of his equally powerful Queen. Oya serves as the one wombmyn confidant and advisor to Sango. She ruled the kingdom Oyo through her husband Sango. In nature, Oyá’s guidance is still present as the leader electric discharge that scientist have discovered strikes the exact location at a fraction of a second before the greater electrical discharge, known as lightening, strikes (Sango uses his lightening to clear and destroy what needs to be broken down). Oyá still guides her beloved King.”
The energy of Oya (the name means she tore it), is the cosmic principal of transformation and supplanting of power. Oya is the energy of thunder, wind, hurricanes, tornados, the Niger River. She is in close relations to Sango deity of lightening, Ogun deity of iron and martial sciences.
Oya is a cleansing force. Mostly, connected with rage, she is highly feared just like Ogun, and is rarely talked about. Indeed this energy should be feared because it protects fiercely and will do whatever needs to be done to protect those that invoke it.
She is a force that cleans the air-much like the air feels after a storm. She is good for disputes, marital bliss settling disputes- situations where you need to start over again from zero. Situations where one needs to remove bad blood; Oya is the perfect force to invoke. One may invoke Oya in order to become invisible to a fierce attacker. Oya meets danger for those that invoke her and keeps them cradled in the safety of her waters.
Invoking this energy one recognizes the process of cleaning, the hurricane that removes objects and completely change the landscape. She moves objects from one place to another, not necessarily breaking them down like the Ogun energy, but supplanting them. Thus the energy can be defined as the power that reassigns resources. The energy brings resources, objects and fortune from one place to another, just like a storm does.
When the Oya type energy comes, there is a lot of confusion, chaos and illusion. One’s job is to look to the cause, the underlying blessing in the eye of the storm before him. Whoever has the ability to see that central blessing or what is being moved from one place to the next will rip the benefits of that Oya experience. A rarely known fact is the Oya is also the deity of the full moon. Oya’s day is Wednesday and her number is 9. She is the energy of the chakras and is multi colored. Colors associated with the Oya energy are browns, purples, orange, etc.
Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Vice Grand Commanding Officer
The Mystical Court

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Author: Godfrey Gregg