Today I am going to provoke the minds and thoughts of my fathers and mothers in this practice. I told you in my previous articles of “OSHUN” that I am not the authority on this subject or rite. I just want to share with you articles that I have read and coming to grip with in these modern times. Bishop Manswell is my mentor, Queen Abbess Julia is my mother and Her Beatitude Janet is my Matriarch who will call me and smooth out my path should I err from the true teaching.

So who or what is “YEMOJA”?

She is the primordial mother; sentinel of childbirth, children, wombmyn, and fertility. Yemoja is the original Wadjet and ruler of the ocean and moon. She rules the super-conscious mind; the internal dominion of creation within our own body temples. She is the mystical unknown enticing us to explore.
Yemoja’s compassion is a healing force. She is the power of regeneration and healing. Despite her propensity to nurture and care, she is a fierce and unforgiving warrior. Her salt waters are curative but, can also devastate the largest and greatest of vessels.”
Dealing with the great spiritual processes as usual we draw from the Yoruba pantheon to explain the spirit mothers, starting with the Orisha Yemoja. The Yemoja is a great Orisha mother who works out o the sacred chapel. Yemoja represents the ability to bring forth physical reality from the unseen world. Yemoja’s physical attribute on earth would be salt water. Most people consider her to be the orisha of the ocean which is not exactly correct. Yemoja is the Orisha of the salt water rivers. Knowing this you relies that salt water rivers also deal with the salt water within your body or specifically the Yemoja deals with the anionic fluid which the fetus sits in. This makes the Yemoja a great mother.
The Yemoja name can be broken down into two ‘Ye’/’Yeye’- mother, omo- “children”, and ‘eja’- fishes in the Yoruba language. Among the Bantu ‘moja’ means one. Yemoja represents the interconnectedness of things- because all things come through her passage; she is the one who brings the unseen into the physical; a power all women have in birthing a child.
It is not to be left out that dealing with the Yemoja you are also dealing with the moon spirit. So it is usually invoked at certain times of the month which is not wrong but a spirit should be invoked at any time in order to do what it is supposed to do. One way to invoke this energy is by visualizing the full moon.
When would one want to invoke the mother energy? As a parent looking for understanding or knowledge pertaining to raising children or to maintain a good relationship between one and one’s children.
As one advances in spiritual studies, one may ask to travel, and one will find that almost 90% of the active spirits are feminine which is the direct opposite of the physical plain which is dominated by masculine power. Invoking the feminine deities is to set things back into balance because feminine energies originally ruled before the imbalance which brought masculine domination. They are not any less ferocious than the male deities.
Yemoja is a Great mother archetype of healing, regeneration, children, sex magic, psychic abilities and abundance. Yemoja in the Yoruba pantheon is said to be the mother of all the orishas. If you need some regeneration and healing in your life, use this Yemoja regeneration spell to create your miracle. I will not publish the spell nor the ingredients since I am not qualified for that level of information. For fear that I would be chastised by my Elders for stepping into the unknown without the proper qualifications.
Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Vice Grand Commanding Officer
The Mystical Court

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Author: Godfrey Gregg