OSHUN (Part two)

I want to share the second part of this article from which I am drawing some insights into this aspect of our spiritual culture. Yes brethren my mind is clearer as to the realness of the practice today. Where we came from culturally as a people and how we fit into this arena looking for our space among the established religions. However,what we were afraid of in the past is also practiced by those same established religions and some modern day Christian churches. What I am sharing with you today can be found in the article “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”.

In dealing with the energy of Oshun, you will also be invoking the energy of Venus, Lakshmi, etc. Oshun is known as the deity of fertility, abundance and love. But Oshun is all too frequently underestimated by people. She is also the energy for initiations, conception, and birth. When you consider the power of Oshun, you could say that Oshun/ love/ knowledge is the best way to deification, but the journey may cause one to transform into someone who loses the trappings of materialism which is synonymous with the human experience.
Something that must be given thought to by any scholar of this pool of knowledge that we are diving into to raise understanding, is that it is a process of transformation and more importantly, transmutation. You may consider yourself to be the beautiful one in the physical but as you begin to travel through to the depths of spiritual awareness and ascend to the higher realm some of the things that you considered to be all important and the glorious things of life will pass, they will become of less importance to you in the context of your highest priorities which are transformation and ascension from this realm of existence.
The artist’s presentation of Oshun is sometimes a picture of a beautiful woman sitting with a mirror in her hand, admiring her beauty and giggling. Relegating the Orisha to something like this as if they were children is a grave error because you miss the enormity of the aspects of the particular deities so that even when you start to tap into them, you will not get into their real fullness, the best of what they are.
Other symbols of Oshun are gold, brass, fresh water, love, yam and fish since she is the force of abundance as fish is the abundance of the waters and yams are the abundance of the earth. Oshun is also considered to be mother earth in some traditions. So while the Orisha Elegba is considered to be the energy for compartmentalizing different species, the Oshun is known for joining energies, love and commonality
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Author: Godfrey Gregg