OSHUN (Part one)

Today I am attempting to step into a place I have seen but never walked. The movement if, I can refer to it like that has been around for ages and forms a part of the spiritual, cultural and even the political landscape of many countries. I am not qualified to speak on the subject, but I am re-posting an article I came across and found interesting to my thoughts. Maybe you can look it up in the book “Gasping the Root of Divine Power”
“Osun is a beguiling lover of sweet things and of all that is beautiful. She is the owner of fresh water rivers and the rivers of blood which flow through our veins. She is a powerful enchantress and healer; just as the honey is that she loves so dear. This provides her with an exceptional gift of diplomacy. She’s the only Orisa able to get the 24 hour eating and working Ogun to stop in his tracks and value her exquisiteness and magnetism.
Osun is the law of attraction and governs the raw primal magnetism that occurs between forces and individuals. Osun is not only womanhood and all of the alluring sensuality of it but, she is also the true mirror of manhood. She is the reflection of the highest love that man can express. She is the allure of procreation and man’s desire to seek balance and achievement with his feminine complement. Osun is the reflection of pleasure and pain that man witnesses in the eyes of his mate.
Osun is the original gatherer of light and expresses her Ase through her capacity to form unions and nations. She instills racial and ethnic pride and promotes the ideas of nationalism and unity.”
Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Vice Grand Commanding Officer
The Mystical Court

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Author: Godfrey Gregg