A blessed day to all my brethren in the Lord and for your grace towards us transcended from heaven to us here on earth. Your children thirst after Thee O lord. If ever there was a time we need to hear from you and feel renewed and refreshed with a double portion of Your Holy Spirit. May our dryness come to life again as a man planted by the rivers of water. We need to be bearing fruits again for Your Kingdom.

Lord, there are many dreams of my heart I have let go of or simply forgotten. They have become buried in the sands of time…buried within the deep places of my heart. And though I have forgotten them, You have not and my heart rejoices. Many worries and circumstances of this life have attempted to bring unbelief to the core of who I am. Doubt and unbelief have proclaimed with a very loud voice on many occasions but Your whispers are louder than the shouts of the enemy. Please forgive me where I have not nourished the seeds…the promises You have given me in days gone by.

Forgive me for having fear or seeing myself as unworthy somehow to carry out Your plans for me. If I were unworthy You would have never given them to me in the first place. Release resurrection power until all is well. Breathe on me and I shall truly live to fulfill all that has ever been planned for me.

Lord, you are my dream maker…my dream fulfill-er in every way. There is none like You. When my hope has become deferred, denial and apathy can become ways for me to escape looking at areas of struggle. Please forgive me for having a heart of apathy in any area of my life. Forgive me for thinking denial will somehow save me from having to deal with things…somehow save me from any pain. True to Your Word, You never quit working in my life and out of Your love, mercy and grace You allow things to come up and disturb my false sense of peace. Denial is indeed a thin and deceptive shield which solves absolutely nothing.

Thank you Lord for caring and upholding me lest I dash my feet against the rocks thrown at me and fall. I look to you from whence cometh my help and I will in all Thy way acknowledge you, because you are God. As you show me , do it to my brothers and sisters that they to may see the light of this world is Jesus.

I continue this declaration of prayer unto our God and in His mercies I ask that you will grant unto us all that we have need of and desire that will benefit your Kingdom. My brothers and sisters in the Lord it is time that you come boldly to the Throne of grace and lay prostrate in the presence of God before it is too late.
This day, I choose to look to You…to look to Your resurrection power and might on my behalf. You are committed to seeing me through to victory and gave the ultimate cost to do so. I must not treat what you have done lightly. You are right. I can do nothing myself. All must be done by Your Spirit in order to really overcome. By grace and with faith I come into agreement with Your Word. You are sufficient in my weakness…in my inability. I release all my failures…in all my failures in the areas of my most consistent struggles. I declare I am an overcomer and You have put me on the right course.

Lord, I have always seen graveyards as the end of the line—as the place of unfulfilled dreams, desires and potential. In the natural they are and the graveyards of dead dreams within me would be the same if it weren’t for You. You are indeed my Resurrection Life and I choose to believe nothing is impossible with You. All it takes is one breath of Your mouth and everything lives…everything is made brand new.

The voice of the enemy likes to take the dry bones and use them against me. He longs for me to doubt Your goodness…Your faithfulness. He wants them to draw the very life and moisture out of my heart and cause me to walk in unbelief. Instead I choose to listen to You and I do so by faith. I believe You are good and that You reward those who seek You…those who trust in Your name. I receive a new freedom today…a new freedom to believe in ways I never have before. Help me to not look back. Help me to set my face like flint in Your direction…to set my face like flint according to the truth of Your Word. Just like the prophet when he was asked the question, “Can these bones live?”

Lord, the time has come to rise and shine with a heart of joyous praise, for You are faithful. Your love endures forever regardless of what takes place around or within me. I acknowledge Your loving-kindness and Your complete attention to even the smallest concerns of my heart. No matter what they are, from finding a parking space to matters of life and death, You care equally for them all.

Please show me where every ounce of fear would seek to hide and heal every wound giving place to said fear. Help me to dance on this side of the Red Sea. Help me to believe. Expose and then heal every hindering place within me and I shall be made new. Give me a fresh Word and I will proclaim it until victory comes. I declare with a heart of faith that I hear the whispers of Your voice over the rattling of dry bones. Faith will hear me speak Your Word and faith will come. The ears of faith are open to the Word coming out of my mouth. Yes, Lord let me hear the rattling of these dry bones coming to life again. My brothers and sisters coming together in oneness with you to even view the promise land together. Lord our intentions and our hearts are to ride into your Celestial City. We have been told to look to yonder shining light, and we are nearer that we can ever imagine. Hear us today in Jesus Name.
Oh for my heart to praise the Lord for all your wondrous works and details of our lives. We your children stand in awe of the things you’ve promise and seeing them fulfilled before our very eyes. My brothers and sisters hear the voice of the Lord this morning and press your way into the valley of dry bones for the great experience. We may not understand it all but we are sure the you will bring us out renewed.

Resurrection life is not for some future day…it is for me right here and right now. I embrace resurrection life. I embrace the Living Word. I come into agreement and I live. My dry bones live.

Lord, as I choose to worship even in the tough times I am asking You create in me a clean heart and a steadfast spirit. I choose to arise and worship You with a heart of faith believing all is well in You regardless of what I see or feel. I receive the ability to move…the ability to dance. The framework of my life is being built line upon line, tissue upon tissue and muscle upon muscle.

Every nerve and fiber of my being is coming into alignment with Your Word. I declare that I am becoming more responsive to You moment by moment. I dance in my heart. I dance with my feet. I will dance regardless of what I see, feel or think. I am moving in motion to the beating of Your heart…to the inhaling and exhaling of Your very breath. I am in sync with You.

I mount up with the wings of an eagle and I soar to the heights of promise. Any graveyards of dry bones in my life are even this moment being resurrected to bring forth a living future and hope. I arise and I worship. I arise and I proclaim. I arise and dance the dance of victory on this side of the Red Sea. Since You are for me, who can be against me? NO ONE! I arise to do great things for great things He hath done for me. Amen

There you have it and may Almighty God grant you the resurrection power to be overcomers. Some may have failed you and attempted to destroy you spiritually, but the power of God has been your shield, and buckler. Michael the archangel came to your defense while archangel Gabriel stood guard to the North. You talk about power, just trust in the Lord and watch Him work for you. Watch your dry bones come to life. There were times that your friends or closest member in church were sucking you dry, watch those bones come to life again to serve the Lord. I challenge you today to trust God and put Him to work in your life. I am doing that as I write to you.
Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg