My brothers and sisters in Christ, we continue meeting everyday with the message of deliverance and salvation. I continue to look into the secret affairs of Jonathan and David’s friendship. Here I am at work feasting on this word for my lunch. Yes I am feeling good and satisfied.

In the open country near Gibeah there was a large stone that people called Ezel 1 Samuel 20:19. Its name means ‘departure’; Jonathan and David knew the place well. You have to know your doctrine and the word of God very well. You must be able to follow instructions and how to follow your exit. In all we do we must get wisdom. We must understand what we’re in and why. This spiritual warfare is not an easy task. We are fighting a battle and we never know when the enemy will strike. Paul tells us we wrestle against flesh and blood and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

It was here that Jonathan came to use his bow and arrows. He had a boy with him whose task was to collect the arrows. Yet the boy would never know the why od his job collectinfthe arrows. Jonathan’s actions on this day would not have surprised anyone who saw him. People would have thought that he was just improving his skills for Israel’s frequent wars. However, Jonathan had another reason to shoot his arrows in that particular place on that day. You must notice that there was a particular place with a reason for a certain individual.  The message was to David, who was in danger. However, we noticed that God was protecting his anointed who would be the king of israel.

Really, Jonathan had come to give a secret message to David. Jonathan had now discovered that Saul really was plotting to kill David. David could not return safely to Gibeah, and Jonathan had promised to warn him. Jonathan was very careful to make sure that nobody would see David. He had arranged for David to hide near the stone. As he shot his arrows, he would shout instructions to the boy.However, really those instructions would be for David. The message is specific to only David. So we have to be careful who we speak with and why. There is no dumb dogs in Jerusalem.  Hello children take note.

So, Jonathan shot one arrow a long way into the distance. He intended to do that if David was in danger. Then he could tell the boy that the arrow was beyond him. As the boy must go away to fetch the arrow, so David must go away 1 Samuel 20:22. However, as the boy went to get the arrow, Jonathan decided to make his message clearer. Perhaps he worried that David might not understand the message correctly. So Jonathan shouted more instructions to the boy, but really, they were for David. I want you to see the wisdom of Jonathan. So when you have a message for your brother or sister to get them on guard and to watch for the enemy. You must deliver the message directly to theperson. You cannot make it looks like gossip. The message must be direct to the receiver. There is no third party and you must act with urgency.

1 Samuel 20: 38 ‘Hurry! Go quickly! Don’t stop!’ Jonathan shouted. The message for David was serious, urgent and clear. He must escape at once. You cannot always let your right hand know what the left is doing. You cannot always speak in tongues, therehas to be an interpretation. Look here “some see, and some saw”, so what are you looking at while failing to sound the warning. Anytime there might be misconceptions  of the message you have to give, the message must be loud and direct. Failure you risk the person’s life. There was no third party with Jonathan’s urgency. Jonathan used the boy as a distraction to deliver a direct message to his friend and future king of Israel. This message to David was tosave life and warn him of the danger of Saul. How many times we can warn our brothers and sisters, our leaders, our elders and we failed because we are often in to plot to destroy others. I say shame on you and know that when the watchman fails to warn the city, God will hold you responsible for the destruction.


Your servant and brother,

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Presiding Prelate

Administrator and Apostolic Head


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Author: Godfrey Gregg