Jonathan’s secret message to David, because David was in great danger, both he and Jonathan would have to act secretly. This is not a new thing and you will recall that we are to be like-minded. There are many times we have to hide in the rock (Jesus Christ). David was in more danger that Jonathan and he had to take precautions since he was next in line to become the king of Israel. God was training David in tactics to be an effective king of Israel. Jonathan was that man to inform him of the danger that lies before him. 

David’s plan was to go quickly to Bethlehem 1 Samuel 20:6). That would take him two days. He would not follow the usual route along the roads and through the towns. That was too dangerous to him. Instead, he would go through the fields and the open country so that nobody would see him. He probably wanted to go there in order to warn his father Jesse and his brothers. They too would have to hide 1 Samuel 22:1-4. When Saul was angry with someone, he would not hesitate to kill that person’s whole family 1 Samuel 22:11-18. The saying “when they have power and authority, they only care about themselves”. You will notice that even the priest was not excluded from Saul and so is it today. So I hope you my brothers and sisters in Christ take note. Saul was not concern about the welfare of others. He was on his way out but only waiting on time with God for his removal. SO you see how people behave when the anointing left them.

During those two days, Jonathan had promised to find out whether Saul really was trying to kill David. Of course, Jonathan could not let anyone see where David was. So Jonathan worked out a way to tell David secretly about Saul’s intentions. This is the order of the business and for us to learn from Jonathan. You talk of secret order read Samuel and understand the world that you are living in. When you find a trusted friend hold on to him or her and same time trust God. You never know which lane you are walking into when you can be of help to some struggling person. Jonathan often went out of the town with his bow and arrows. This was not a sport; he was improving his skills for war. He would shoot the arrows and a boy would run to collect them for him.

Jonathan told David to hide near a particular stone. There, David would be able to hear the instructions that Jonathan shouted to the boy. David would be safe because nobody could see him in that place. O, what a friend Jonathan was to David. So today we are to hide in the Rock of Ages. You notice David was to go behind the rock and wait for the word. Hellloooo the “word”. That is the code for your safety and the journey ahead. You fail to obey instructions and you can be doomed or killed. Hallelujah. My brothers and sister please take warning and walk in your vocation and try to find the will of God for your life. If David was not in danger, Jonathan would shoot his arrows only for a short distance. Then he could tell the boy to come back towards him. The real meaning was that David could come back safely. O, watchman standing on Zion Hill. There is a reason why there is a watchman, for without you can perish outside the gate. However, if Saul was still trying to kill David, Jonathan would shoot his arrows a long way. He would then tell the boy that he must go away. David must run away. He was in great danger. Hallelujah for a good friend. Do you have a friend like Jonathan,? Then, cherish him and love him. To everything, there is a reason, time and season. You have to learn to listen and follow directions. Straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leads you to life eternal. What I have done is to encourage you to listen to the still voice and to walk according to the word of Almighty God.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg