Today I celebrate another year of life and thank God for sparing my life to see another year and to be on the land of the living to offer praise and thanks. I am very humbled to write to you on this special day knowing that we are aging in the body, but renewed in the spirit.

Today I say in simple terms that I am very happy to meet and have some wonderful people in my life and to surround me day after day. While we may not be perfect I am grateful for your presence day by day. I do not want to single out anyone, but I am so thankful for all of you today. I will continue to serve you and The Mystical Order and seek the Lord for new open doors where we can reach and meet others within our community.

So, on this birthday I celebrate with you and pray for you. Let us continue to grow in the knowledge of God’s word and the fear of the Lord. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. A few days ago my daughter and grandson visited me and brought joy to my heart. They made my past days the best for a while and to God be all the honour and the glory. It was a wonderful vacation and I had the opportunity to see more of the great State where I am living.

Thank you for being a part of my life and for the opportunity to meet you and be a part of your daily life. You allow me to visit your homes, ride in your vehicle, be in your company by receiving my emails daily. I shall continue to be available to you and I trust that God will keep us together in His love and grace.

Your servant and brother, 
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg

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Author: Godfrey Gregg