A blessed good morning to all my readers, brothers and sisters of The Mystical Order and thanking God for this day of saving grace. It is with pleasure I greet you knowing that we are alive and well and on the land of the living to offer praise and thanks to Almighty God. I pray that your well being is stable and walking in your vocation wherein you are called. 

In 1 Samuel 18:3, Jonathan made a covenant with David. That covenant was a serious promise in front of God that they would always be friends. Many of us have made commitment in marriage to another. We have made that covenant to God in water baptism. Have we written it in our hearts like Jonathan to David? Are our covenant still in tact today as it was yesterday? How miserable have we failed to renew ourselves day after day. Is your covenant to the Mystical Order still sealed with those words of promise? You read those words and sealed it with your signature? Was that promise real at the time or you have changed your mind.

When Jonathan made that promise, his father King Saul was pleased with David. However since then, the situation had changed completely. Now Saul was trying to kill David. There is nothing new under the sun and as it was in the beginning of time so will it be in the end. We are seeing the same effect of David’s anointing on Saul. At one time Saul loved David but as time went by that love changed to hatred. In our days many people lie on others to cover their tracts only to destroy others for their own benefits. But if, we look at the life of Saul we will learn the great lesson and make some corrections or adjustments.

David knew that Jonathan was still his friend. However, it seems that David did not really understand the nature of the covenant between them. David was still asking Jonathan questions to test whether Jonathan would help him in this situation 1 Samuel 20:8-10. It is human to question one another but when you know the will of God our Father we are to trust Him. David had to be sure because Saul was the king and father of Jonathan. So in 1 Samuel 20:12-15, Jonathan carefully explained to David what their covenant meant.

Jonathan repeated the sacred Name of God, which appears as ‘LORD’ in English translations, 5 times in these verses. He wanted to emphasize that he had made these covenant promises with God, and not merely with David. Therefore, Jonathan’s covenant with David was now part of Jonathan’s relationship with God. In these matters, Jonathan considered himself responsible to God. Hallelujah As Jonathan carried out his promise to God, so David would have to trust God. Their friendship was not just something that they had chosen to do. God himself had made them friends, so that David could become Israel’s king. How you see why we have to trust and obey God’s servant to be in His will. 

That was why Jonathan blessed David with the prayer at the end of 1 Samuel 20:13. He asked God to be with David as God had been with Saul. God had supported Saul’s rule over Israel while Saul remained loyal to him. Now Jonathan was asking God to support David so that David could rule well as king. Look at the headship of this friendship and how God used Jonathan to place His man (David) as king over Israel. Jonathan trusted God and walked accordingly to the command of God. There is your example and can you do it today?

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg