Archbishop Gregg up on another birthday,
Can be the cause of woe,
But one more year under your belt,
Can also help you grow.
Will your day be one of reflection.
Will you celebrate or deny.
Will there be an abundance of cheers.
Or will there be only sighs.
Cliches about not getting older,
But getting wiser, better and finer,
Upon reflection, seem inappropriate.
What counts is being kinder.
Kinder to yourself,
Leaving past indiscretions behind.
Birthdays are commas in life’s novel.
They are occasions that should remind.
Remind us of that happy event,
The day that you arrived.
They remind us how important you are.
We’re all glad that you survived.
Glad you survived the troubled times,
To get to this day of reflection,
About a life that is full of adventures.
To be accepted without objections.
So on your upcoming birthday,
Take the time to look ahead.
See the novel that is the rest of your life,
And face the future without dread.

SUBMITTED BY: Bishop Lynch


Author: Godfrey Gregg