ALynchA pleasant Good morning to the Patriarch, Archbishop, and to all ministers in the Lord, let us all have confidence in the Lord. David had confidence in the lord that I want to have. He did not put his confidence in horses, chariots, or armies, but in the Lord. He had all that he needed knowing that the Lord was near. He knew that no matter how many men arose against him and fought against him, the Lord would cause them to stumble and fall.
We need to have that same confidence in the Lord because we have an adversary that fights us each and every day. If we are seeking the Lord and delighting in His will, the devil’s schemes will be unsuccessful because we have the Lord near.
We need to always remember that if we have the Lord, we have all that we need! We need to build our hopes on things eternal and hold to God’s unchanging hand. We’ll be victorious in this life if we are in His hand!
Your brother in Christ,
Bishop Skeete Lynch.
The Mystical Order
Commander of the Mystical Court



Author: Godfrey Gregg