DSCN0050Jonathan taught David how to rule as king over Israel and he ruled in the will of God. The song tells us that David was anointed to rule over Israel, and he rules over Israel. My brothers and sisters in Christ and The Mystical Order it is a training ground for us to lead and take charge. If we can stay in our lane it would be easier for us to be taught and shown directions. You would recall the message “The Great Commission” (http://mysticalorderinc.org/?p=3352). You have to be in place and in position to receive that commission

More than anyone else, it was perhaps Jonathan who taught David how to rule as Israel’s king. My question to you is who will train you? That may surprise us, especially as Jonathan never became king himself. However, for about 40 years, Jonathan watched the rule of his father, King Saul. During those years, Jonathan formed his own opinions about the right way to rule a nation. It was these ideas that would make David into a truly great king. So where this relationship with Jonathan puts you? Some may say that Jonathan was a traitor to his father (King Saul). But Jonathan was walking in the will and fear of God.

Many of Jonathan’s opinions were the opposite of Saul’s opinions. Saul thought that a king should control powerfully both his people and his God. His ambition was strong and he often acted cruelly. Jonathan, on the other hand, refused to control people by fear. God rules his people by love; Jonathan believed that Israel’s king should act in the same manner. Only a relationship of love between God, the king, and the people would make Israel strong. There you have it and I know you can do it. With love in your heart, you can move mountains. So take this as your example

It was Jonathan who first made a covenant (promises to establish a friendship) with David (1 Samuel 18:3). Later, all the leaders of Israel would make similar promises to David (2 Samuel 5:1-3). When there were troubles, Jonathan made his covenant with David stronger. He agreed with David that their promises would not just last during their lives. They also made promises on behalf of their families in the future (1 Samuel 20:42). You can read how David kept those promises in 2 Samuel chapter 9. Will someone be able to carry out your wishes when they get into position? Have you established your covenant? This is the time for you to make that covenant with God and your fellowmen.

Of course, Jonathan did not teach David as a teacher does, but as a friend. That seems a very good way to show someone how to establish a relationship of love. I have started that act of teaching and will continue until time says no more. It is for you to read and follow the paths of our Lord Jesus in His footsteps on the sands of time. Jonathan never had the opportunity to rule Israel, but he did not care about his own ambitions. He cared much more about David, whom he wanted very much to become Israel’s next king. It was David and not Jonathan who would rule Israel with a relationship of love. With God all things are possible and with love, in your hearts, you will achieve.

Your servant and brother, 

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg