DSCN0093Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come but Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever. My fellow labourers in the army of the Lord, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus greetings in peace and the grace of God that passeth all understanding. May your hearts be kept in love and cherish what you have, for no man knoweth what the next hour will bring forth.

Jonathan’s last words to David on this occasion were to remind him about their covenant. They first made that covenant in 1 Samuel 18:3; they made it stronger in 1 Samuel 20:14-17. Read the word and then make your covenant with the Prince of Peace. Renew your covenant today with God and bless His holy Name.

A covenant was a serious promise of friendship. Usually, people made a covenant if their families (or, their nations) had been enemies. They wanted to establish friendly relations with each other. So, they promised, on behalf of themselves and their families, that they would always be friends. By this means, covenants ended wars and made bitter enemies into close friends. So as it was in the beginning so will it be in the end. There are many wars and battles between nations and families and we to can make the covenant to end the many stupidity between families. In making a covenant we can end the strifes and save some souls. We, as believers have the right to initiate the covenant between us like Jonathan and David.

Jonathan and David were never enemies. From the moment when they first met, they wanted to be friends. In this matter, Jonathan was completely unselfish. As King Saul’s son he had the right to become Israel’s next king. However, Jonathan could see David’s qualities: his sincere attitudes, and his trust in God. That meeting changed Jonathan’s life. He did not still want to be king; instead, he wanted to support David so that David could become king. At once, Jonathan had realized that David would be a truly great king. Can you say that of your leaders or your good friend? Do you think that you are better or would be a better person that the next? What is Jonathan had that thought about David?

There were many evil people in Saul’s family and in his government. Saul himself had decided that he would not be loyal to God (15:23); he was doing many wicked things. It seemed clear that such men would not allow David to become king peacefully. There are many evil people in the church and the clergy, the nation and the world at large. You do not want to be numbered among those evil ones. You would like to be named among the decent and character base people in your society.

That was why Jonathan considered it so important for him and his family to make a covenant with David. After Jonathan’s death, his family would consider it their duty to obey Jonathan’s promise. The family of Saul would fight against David 2 Samuel 3:1, but the family of Jonathan would never do that 2 Samuel 19:24-30. So this morning I want to ask where is your covenant? Where is your loyalty? Do you have a covenant with your brothers and sisters like Jonathan and David? You ought to make consideration and do what is right and save your legacy.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg