EricA pleasant morning to all God fearing brothers and sisters in the Lord. How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believer’s ear, it soothes his sorrow, heals his wounds and drives away his fear. Heavenly Father, as we gather here today, we’re thanking You for spared life and Your mercies towards us. We thank You for all You have done and we’re looking forward for more of Your blessings. Please provide for the less fortunate and instill in us, to love our brothers and sisters as You love us all. Amen!
Peace and blessings to our Patriarch, my Archbishop, Crowned Queen Abbess, all ministers, members, friends and families of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc 2012, I greet you in the precious name of Jesus, a name which is precedence above all. Beloved in Christ, most of us read and listens to the word of God, but how many of us “hear” the word. Hearing is an important factor in our relationship with Jesus. Many of us applaud with, Amen! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! when the minister is delivering his sermon, we appear to be listening attentively, however, how many of us actually hear the word of God.
Fellow travellers to eternity, listening to the word and hearing the word are two completely different scenarios. A hearer of God’s word will not gossip, will not blaspheme, will do no evil, will not hate a brother or sister. When one hear God’s word, they would not say the preacher is throwing stone, but will address a certain condition in one’s live to be in line with the principles of Almighty God. Are we like the disciples? When things are happening, when people’s lives are being changed, but because the people who are helping bring about these changes do not belong to our church, organization, nor club,(St Mark 9 verses 38 to 40). Then we don’t recognize God has been at work. Hearing the word of God brings about changes in one’s life, the things we used to do, we do them no more, the places we used to go, we go there no more and the company we used to keep, we should not be their acquaintance any more. Hallelujah! Let’s not forget that this is God’s work, for God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Amen!
In closing beloved, let’s not just be hearers of the word, we must walk the walk and talk the talk. We must put what we hear into action, for it’s by our deeds {what we do for Jesus}, we’ll be judge on that day of Salvation. If we live our lives mindful of whatever we do for the less fortunate, we do for Jesus, wouldn’t we live differently? Heavenly Father, we thank You for another blessing today, We thank You for Your only begotten Son — who showed us the way to Salvation. Lord, please remember our elders of The Mystical Order, grant them fresh faith and courage to persevere in Jesus name. Master we pray that the visit and messages of the Pope to the people of America and Cuba draw us closer to You. O Great Jehovah, compel us that when we hear Your word, we make adjustments in our lives according to Your Commandments. Lord, please continue to guide, guard and bless us, as we work our way to a happy Mount Zion, in Jesus Almighty name. Amen!
Your humble servant,
His Eminence, Eric Alleyne. LOM. OHPA. OSM.
Cardinal of The Mystical Order.
Commanding Officer of The Mystical Court.

Author: Godfrey Gregg