AB2To my brothers and sisters in the Lord and in the power of His might a peace and blessed good morning to you. This is w great day to be on the land of the living where our prayers can be offered and our supplications can be made.

 You have probably met and known many different people in your life. Most of them may simply be acquaintances, while others you might consider friends. Of these, there may be only a few that you would consider close friends. As the saying goes “you can count them on one hand.” So in the natural it is in the spirit world. Jesus choose twelve and one was a devil. Right among you that strange one tries to be the closest to you and before you know it the “apple cart crash in the wall”. My brothers and sisters we look and hold on to the nice smiling words that come from the lips of those you call close friends and before you know it you are caught in the vice of the “trap”.

Most likely, there is one person who is as close to you as a brother or sister. He or she could be, as the Bible says, “a friend that sticks closer than a brother” Proverbs 18:24, someone in whom you can confide and trust, and with whom you can share your hopes and dreams. A friend who is there not only through the good times, but also the bad, through thick and thin, someone who will not desert you when the going gets tough. I am sure you had someone like that in your life. Have you ever wonder why some of them are no longer with you? Well, God clean up for you at times in order for Him to fill the space with someone or something more important than that person. A true friendship that stands the test of trials and time is rare. Friends may come and go, but to have a lifelong, close, personal friendship is truly a great blessing. Hallelujah

The story of Jonathan and David is the story of one such friendship. As you read about this friendship, you will find that they shared much in common. There were also things that could have easily destroyed their bond, but instead, they made it stronger. Jonathan was a Prince of Israel and David was a shepherd boy anointed of God to be the next king. Jonathan, prince and son of Saul, was the heir apparent to the throne of Israel. He was destined to rule after the death of his father. Jonathan was well aware of this and the promises God would have made to Saul had he been faithful I Samuel 13:13.

Jonathan was a young man of courage, strength and determination who looked to and relied on God. He was a mighty soldier in his own right, highly respected and trusted by the men he led. These character traits were clearly evidenced when Jonathan fought against a garrison of Philistine soldiers with only his Armour bearer by his side. Trusting in God, he slew 20 Philistines in a half-acre area of land. Yes, only with the strength of God and today all you need as a leader is a trusted Armour bearer who would follow the leader instruction. Elisha kept his eyes on Elijah and he received the mantle. Hallelujah My brothers and sisters where are you eyes on today?

This single act of bravery led to other events that encouraged his father and the 600 men with Saul to join in battle as well, leading to a great victory for Israel I Samuel 14:1-23. It, along with other instances, caused him to grow in stature and respect among the army of Israel. So much so that these very men protected and rescued Jonathan, who had innocently violated a rash oath from his father the king that would have resulted in his death (14:24-46)!

David was a Keeper of Sheep. So how was it possible for the son of a king to connect with a boy that shepherd sheep? The king’s son was in the perfect will of God the Father. Are we any different today? We are sons and daughters of The King of kings and are heirs of our heavenly home.

On the other hand, David, the youngest son of Jesse, was a ruddy, bright-eyed shepherd boy. On two occasions, he rescued his father’s sheep from a predator, a lion and a bear grabbing hold of them and slaying them I Samuel 17:34-36. These feats and others caused him to be known as “cunning in playing [the harp], and a mighty valiant man, and a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely [handsome] person…” I Samuel 16:18. In fact, it was David’s ability to play the harp that first gave him favour with Saul. The soothing music that David skillfully played refreshed and calmed Saul’s troubled spirit. This moved the king to bestow upon him the great honour of being his Armour bearer.

Eventually, through marriage to the king’s daughter, Michal, David even became a prince in Israel and brother-in-law to Jonathan. So you see if you wait on the Lord and walk in your vocation you will fear no foe. Remember that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. May Almighty God bless and grant you the peace that passeth all understanding in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg