My word for you this morning is to press on regardless of the situation. Some will love you while others hate your guts, keep pressing. Some will laugh with you but they text bad things about you and even lie to your face.  Some use their position to pull you to their lowest level. Press on like Samson for that last moment for the place where God always want you. Press on my brothers and sisters.

Sometimes we enter into our breaking point and feel like we can give up, but I want to encourage you to Keep On Pressing On. Remember God is watching over you and there is nothing or any situation too great for God. Although, we know to cast all our cares to Jesus, sometime we forget and try to take care of things ourselves. God is here for you and want to give you the best. So cast ALL your cares on Him, for He cares for you.

We are going to be tested and tried, but we can not let situations move us away from God’s love for us. He loves you and because of that it’s important to Keep On Pressing On. Press your way through the bad situations, bad decisions, bad people, ungrateful coworkers  friends and family; press your way through. Because as you press your way through, God is directing your steps and changing situations around, removing people who don’t belong in your life, restoring you from any bad decisions you made in life. My brothers and sisters of this Mystical Order and movement  God is ready and able to do this, but it will also require you to Keep On Pressing On. Don’t stay where you are getting beat up by life and by people, press on, press on, just KEEP ON PRESSING ON!

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg







Author: Godfrey Gregg