One moment of betrayal can rock a years-long friendship, leaving both of you feeling disoriented regardless of which side the betrayal came from. Whether you told your best friend’s most intimate secret or it was your trust that was broken, you may now believe there is nothing that can be done to keep the friendship from careening off the cliff side. However, you may be able to save the friendship, provided you want to do so, once you understand the implications of betrayal.

Many times it is not even your friend that cause the betrayal, but they allowed the unknown to get between you and them and there is where the trouble starts. Now the question arises and the implications follows. In many cases it is like a death trap meeting someone on the internet and felt that this is the real deal only to walk into a trap and then you spiral down hill with no help. At that point what are you going to do. It may be too late to turn things around. Look around and consider what you are going up against unless you are blinded by looks of something that is not even real.

Brethren none of u is perfect but consider what you have to loose before you start the journey. My family, friends and the people that surround you daily, your support structure. Something we need everyday of our lives. We may survive on false hope but when that hope fades in oblivion, we are nothing and rather we die. I say it only takes one mistake and you can fall off the cliff spiritually nd the way back is very hard.

David was a man after God’s own heart and when the prophet Nathan went to him he tried to cover up his mistakes and sin. Gos was having none of that with David. Hallelujah, He learnt that sin could not stand in the presence of Almighty God. And when a man will barefacedly show another man dressed as a woman and called him his girlfriend and wife to be; how in the Name of God can anyone calling themselves children of God fellowship with such a one. BETRAYAL which will have spiritual consequences and long term psychological effects for a long time or even the rest of your life.

Where is your discernment? Where is your vision? Are you sure that you are still on the road to the Celestial City or you are stuck in the City of Vanity Fair.  My brothers and sisters this morning God is calling you yo hearken unto His voice. It is too late with this message to play the fool and be led into pride of sin. God is saying to you come out from among them and separate yourselves. You cannot be a part of it and serve you God aright. ifyou cannot stand up with the word of God then don’t stant for nothing. Sin is sin tody and will be the same a week afterwards. BETRAYAL not only to a person but to a congregation where lies have become the norm. Don’t be like Judas and walk away with a deaf ear. Remember when everyone walked away from Jesus leaving the twelve disciples. Jesus asked the great question. Will you also go away? To whom Lord ……… God bless and keep you.

Your brother and servant,

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg

Archbishop and Presiding Prelate


Author: Godfrey Gregg