Consider Your Ways Before Counseling Others

Witness judgmental throughout the Bible–judgemental is person that has or displays a critical point of view of others.
negative 1 Samuel 29:10 and  judging Matthew 7:1-5

My brothers and sisters of The Mystical Order we have to take a serious look at ourselves this morning!  We have all fallen prey to the judgmental tongue.  For we are well experienced and not sure why others are failing.  Despite the well meaning intentions that we have, we often have actions similar to those that we judge.  One of the major problems with judgement is that we do not have the full disclosure of the situation to judge.

Can you imagine a judge in a court of law that would set forth decisions on only one word against the accused?  This ‘name that tune’ judgement is often how our judgement arises.  Let us not forget the fact that the only one that we sin against is God Himself and is the only one perfect and wholly able to judge rightly!  Our judgements do not bring about a better person often the opposite and can also become a breeding ground of other critical and harsh views of others.
Joshua tells us in scripture that we can not attempt to help others with their smaller issues when you have huge problems cropping up all over the place.  This idea of ignoring your problems to assist others in their own seems to make the person feel better about their own terrible state. We want to give instructions when we need it ourselves. We want to cure the sickness when we are sick ourselves. We want to give someone a bath when we need it ourselves. We judge other people lives and fail to see that your life is worst than those you judge. And the list goes on and on.
This avoidance does not bode well for those who have received your counseling, to find that you are in a much worse condition!  This leads us back to having an action based language that is not solely focused on mere confession, devoid of corresponding action.  This is the idea of what you speak is what you do–the words matching the actions.  In a Hebraic mindset the action of the person is valued higher than the words, for anyone say this or say that but do your actions follow what you have spoken? Something for us to consider before we find the next victim to destroy.
The judgmental spirit is also dangerous for it presumes that it is in equal standing with the Just Judge who set all things in motion.  He who said let there be and it was.  Since none of us have that level of equal standing with God we are not called to be judges of others, we are to judge and correct our own selves.  This will take prayer and conscious review if we are falling prey to a familiar trap of judging others.  Turn off that TV show that gives all the negative details of famous people’s lives.  Stop taking that call to discuss the other person situation who just heard one other piece of information on another person’s difficult situation.  This lack of compassion is not truly realized until we are facing the judgmental spirit operating in others and find no mercy or grace.  Oh but if the tables were turned!!
Let us be aware and recognize that we don’t have the charge to judge and often lack all the detail to view the situation properly and are better suited to prayer for the person in the situation.  Who knows how God will work all things together for their good, but do you want to be found judging them that you too would also be judged in the same manner?
Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg