Unto Thee O Lord, do we put our trust, let us never be put to confusion; deliver us in Thy righteousness and cause us to escape; incline Thine ear unto us and save us. O loving and merciful God, we come before Your presence with Psalms of praises and hymns of adoration, Father we glorify, bless and uplift Your precious name today. Please guard, guide and protect us as we go about our busy day in Jesus Almighty name. Amen!

To our Patriarch and Bishop of Starlight of Israel Healing School, my Archbishop, Crowned Queen Abbess, all ministers, members, friends and families of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc 2012, I greet you in Jesus Almighty name, a name that is above all names. Family in Christ, we have heard, read and experience the great and boundless love of our loving Shepherd, who provides us with all things that we need, the same loving Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep and cared for nothing else than the well-being of His sheep. In the book of Jeremiah, we read where the children of Israel and the people of Judah went astray, worshiping idols and blaspheming against God due to poor leadership. The people who were appointed over them, failed to live up to the task entrusted to them. Instead of leading by example, they abused their power and positions of privilege, which led to great sorrow and suffering for the people — who were therefore leaderless and without guidance, lost and trapped in the darkness of this world. “Lord have mercy”

Brothers and sisters, because of the loving and merciful God we serve, He sent Jeremiah {who — carnally minded like us, said he’s just a child and don’t have the utterance} to warn the people. Almighty God through Jeremiah, said He will bring back His people. (Jeremiah chapter 3). Verse 14 reads; turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married to you, and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion. Hallelujah! Almighty God promised to heal their backsliding and restore the land He hath proclaimed to their fore fathers.

Beloved, I’ve highlighted this to remind us that our Loving Shepherd is willing to work with us. We’ve all sinned and fall short, let us circumcise our hearts and cry out to Almighty God, for we all need spiritual cleansing. Brethren, our Loving Shepherd do not want to see us suffer, His attention is always on us — His sheep. Fellow travellers to eternity, we too are shepherds to one another, and especially to all those lost sheep still lying around deep in the darkness of this world. We must inspire many others to come to our Lord and Saviour by our actions, words and deed. We have to do and say things that would identify us as those belonging to the Lord, if we don’t, they that are in the world would remain lost and the responsibility will hung heavily on us.

In closing, our elected Leaders / Elders have a great responsibility on their hands, we have to continually pray to Almighty God to sustain them and give them the wisdom, knowledge with understanding to cope through all the changing scenes of life, because they would not be liked by all, however, our Loving Shepherd is in control. Heavenly Father, we thank You for another blessing today, we thank You for The Good Shepherd, who laid down His life for us. Master have mercy on our elders of The Mystical Order, please direct them in all manner of life. O Jehovah Jireh, please provide for us your children, let us know that You is God and God alone, guide our lives in all we do, keep our paths straight, that we’ll remain in Your favour and grace, insomuch that we may embrace the love, which our Loving Shepherd had shown us — His lost sheep. Compel us to tarry within Your precepts and Commandments until that day of Salvation, in Jesus Almighty name. Amen!
Until we meet again, God loves you so do I.

Your humble servant,
His Eminence, Eric Alleyne. LOM. OHPA. OSM.
Cardinal of The Mystical Order.
Commanding Officer of The Mystical Court.


Author: Godfrey Gregg