Hear our cry O God, attend unto our prayer, from the ends of the earth we’re crying unto Thee; when our hearts are overwhelmed, lead us to The Rock — that is higher than us. Giving honour, glory, thanks and praises to Almighty God for allowing us to behold another day, whereby we can worship Him in spirit and in truth. Heavenly Father, this morning we pray for guidance, protection and healing, we are experiencing ongoing turmoil in the land. O great Jehovah, only You can quell and quench this devastation, have mercy on us and turn around our lives in order that we may persevere until that great day of Salvation. Amen! Hallelujah!

To our Patriarch and Bishop of Starlight of Israel Healing School, my Archbishop, Crowned Queen Abbess, all minister, members, friends and families of The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc 2012, I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus. Beloved today I would like us to take a little time out of our busy schedule and pay some sort of respect for the nine people who perished in Charleston, South Carolina. As our brothers and sisters have been killed in a house of worship, we know that the busy adversary has no limits, so it is necessary for us to gather ourselves together and pay our respect to the souls of the departed and their families.

Family in Christ mankind have lost all morality, [we still have a few Christ like people] as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they were never satisfied nor contented and were very impatient. In the Bible various messengers throughout the ages warned mankind, to seek Christ while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near, but mankind prefer to cherish and worship the things of this world (vanity). Second Timothy chapter 3, give us a good example of mankind’s behaviour, some of us think we can continue to blaspheme, believing that there is time to repent, but Matthew 24 verse 36 teaches us that no one knows the day nor the hour, not even the angels, when the Master will put in His appearance. Brothers and sisters what is happening in the world today, was already told to us in first Thessalonians chapter 5, we have to watch and pray so that the blood of Jesus will cover us from all demonic activities and plagues.

Brothers and sisters these storms we’re facing on a daily basis, can only be controlled in the name of Jesus. Do we recall when Jesus and His disciples were on a ship on the sea of Galilee and a storm arose? (Matthew 8 verses 23 to 26) His disciples awoke Him and He rebuked the winds, then asked His disciples, “why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith”? Beloved, we must have faith, nevertheless, one must also be aware of one’s environment. Not because I go to church on Sundays, I’m a child of The Most High and have faith as a grain of mustard seed, I can go about my business as if all is well. No, danger is still lurking around the corner and may be coming from every angle, so I must always have my Saviour with me, and thus be guided by The Holy Spirit. Amen!

In closing brethren, let us pray for the people of Charleston, South Carolina. Whether this tragic mass shooting was racially motivated or other wise, it’s up to the authorities to find an answer or Almighty God will judge us all because I’m always mindful of St Matthew chapter 7 verse 1. Let us pray that Almighty God cleanse and purge our society from racism and all hate motivated killings. Let us pray for peace, dialogue and reconciliation for the victims, their families and mankind throughout the world. Let us pray that our leaders in authority amend laws so we may live peaceably among all mankind and not be profiled for our colour, race nor nationality. Heavenly Father, we thank You for another blessing today. We thank You that we have a Comforter to call upon in these trying times, we pray that out of this evil {the loss of nine lives}, something good will happen. O Lilly of the Valley, O Bright and Morning Star, O Rock of Ages; cleft for we, let us hide ourselves in Thee. Master we pray for our elders in The Mystical Order, please bestow fresh faith upon them when tragedies occur. King of Zion, though satan should buffet, though trials should come, let this bless assurance control; that Christ hath regarded our helpless estate, and had shed His blood for our soul. May the good Lord bless and keep us until we meet again, in Jesus Almighty name. Amen!
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul.
It is well with my soul,
It is well, it is well with my soul.

Your humble servant,
His Eminence, Eric Alleyne. LOM. OHPA. OSM.
Cardinal of The Mystical Order.
Commanding Officer of The Mystical Court.


Author: Godfrey Gregg