May it please you our Father in heaven to petition you in the Name of Jesus Christ Your Son on behalf of The Mystical Order, Starlight of Israel, Anointed Praise Tabernacle, Prayer Circle Covenant Tabernacle and Full Gospel Tabernacle. Their Leaders and Elders especially Our Patriarch, Pastor Dez, Bishop Raymond and our Reverend Desmond.

God, today, we are petitioning the court of heaven and we petition You, the One who is faithful and just, the One who is true! The Holy ones today we are approaching the courtroom in heaven where judgment is made; divine judgment for divine justice on behalf of the bound and the afflicted and the oppressed. Lord for the Leaders of The Mystical Order and for Starlight of Israel Healing School. Lord we lift Anointed Praise tabernacle and Pastor Dez. Meet Prayer Circle Covenant Tabernacle with Pastor Woods.

Thank you, Lord, that today we can stand in the council of heaven as prophetic voices, as mighty ones and judges, and rulers on this earth with dominion to make the decree. Today, Ancient of Days, with all respect we come before your throne and we make petitions and we make requests. Only in faith and your word we stand in full obedience to the Command you gave the church in Matthew 28.

God, together we are petitioning the council members in heaven right now, requesting that the host of heaven begin to hear, with You, the Ancient of Days upon Your throne, concerning where we need Your divine judgment and Your vindication to come. You are the God who rolls back the reproach. You are the God who pleads the cause of Your people, the God who pronounces judgment and favour over the saints of the Most High.

We petition You today in intercession and we present our cases. Hear them, please, God! Let the courts of heaven be open right now and let the session come into place right now. We pray that you would come into our homes and congregations — into the midst of the mighty ones. Even in the hearts of your leaders and clergy. Those that publicly abuse your servants, lied on them, scandal, tarnish, betray and ridicule them because of evil motives, jealousy, hatred and lust in their hearts.

God, we are going to make a decree: Exaltation will come! Restore! Restore! Restore! God we loose it in heaven. Restore! Restore! Restore! Divine order coming now. In every area where there has been stealing and killing and destroying we speak the word of the Lord. We say over that loss, Restore! Devil, give it all back! The thief and the liar, give it all back! God, we believe You will restore and we claim it! God, we ask for it! We declare it!

God, we proclaim the day of your vengeance. We proclaim that this is the year of Your favour! This is the year of the Lord’s favour! This is the year! This is our acceptable year, liberation, and Jubilee! Lord, I say it over the people today: Favour! Favor! Favour! Divine Favour! I proclaim and I decree: Favour! Favour! Favour! The vengeance of God! The vengeance of God! Hallelujah!

Now, Lord, let the angelic hosts who execute your judgment go forth. Let the warring angels act to defeat the enemy and restore our kingly destiny. Let them overcome in the spirit-world, in Jesus’ Name! And let the angelic hosts overcome every demonic power or stronghold and every assignment that is aimed against our inheritances, against our PATRIARCH! We throw it down! We take authority, concerning our kingship, over every power that resists.

We know O God, that You must come and make a judgment in favour of the saints and The Mystical Order  even unto Anointed Praise Tabernacle: that’s what we need right now, and we ask your favour. We thank you, Lord, today, for the victory! DESTROY every obstacle that tried to hinder or provoke the advancement of your ministry. Destroy the works of the enemy and those that set it up destroy without mercy for when you see the mark and the Blood you will pass over. 

Your servant and brother, 
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg


Author: Godfrey Gregg