I Decree The Armor Of God

Based on Ephesians 6:10-17


“So David came to Saul and stood before Him and He loved him greatly and he became his armor-bearer” (1 Sam 16:21 NASB)

I declare and proclaim this day that I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I have on the full armor of God and I stand against the scheme of the evil one in my life. My fight is not against flesh and blood not against but against demonic forces in high places.

I come into agreement with Your Word Lord and say I am healed, delivered and serving You Lord with all my might….therefore…

I gird my loins with the truth so all lies must flee from this place of power. This is my spiritual authority…the lies cannot re-enter for I am now filled with the light of the Truth which has caused darkness to flee.

I put the breastplate of righteousness over my heart, over the deepest core of my being, so my emotions and spirit are no longer in confusion and turmoil. My emotions are kind, patient, merciful and compassionate. I can now receive the great love You have for me Lord. Your great love now flows through me. Thank you Jesus, for Your blood.

I wash the dust of the past off my feet with the gospel of peace. All fears from my childhood and adulthood must now flee for I walk in peace and contentment in You, God.

Your peace dispels anger, resentment and frustration. Thank you Lord for Your peace which passes all understanding is now manifesting in my heart.

Above all I take up the shield of faith and hold it in front of my heart so that every fiery dart of the enemy must be quenched. I declare faith will awaken in me and begin to stir a hunger and thirst for God.

I speak to any mountain of fear, unforgiveness, anger, dismay and disappointment I have built for self-protection. I say to it, “Mountain be removed and cast into the sea!”

I put the helmet of salvation on my head and declare I have the mind of Christ which is all right thinking and action. I declare it is written that God did not give me a spirit of fear but He has given me a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

I take up the sword of the spirit and hold it over my heart, my mind, my innermost being and declare old things have passed away and all things have become new. The old man of my flesh is dead and the new man of the spirit lives.

I thank You Lord that I am forgiven and I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and my entire mind. I hunger and thirst for righteousness. I love others as You love them and most of all I thank you for who You are in my life: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Only You Lord are worthy of all honour, glory and praise.

Go rejoicing and serve the Lord.

Your servant and brother,

+  Godfrey Gregg DD
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head                   


Author: Godfrey Gregg