Abide In The Lord
A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Today is the first declaration of the month and I want you to read it with your name in it. Believe and hold on to God.

Lord, Your ability to keep me, to make me stand in the midst of any situation is amazing. Teach me to remain in You at all times and to do so no matter what—understanding You never leave or forsake me for even a moment. You survived the cruelest agony depraved and tortured hearts could ever dish out and yet You interceded for forgiveness on their behalf.

Teach me to be like You. I partake of all You have done for me and acknowledge Your ever-present heart. I am never alone for You are with me. I give up my fear of failure and put on Your righteousness. Teach me to receive the fullness of Your Word in my life. Let me see and know within the deepest subconscious portions of my heart and being that You are one-hundred percent dedicated to my success. You use my failures and mistakes to teach me not to forsake or pull away from You.

In fact, the very opposite is true. You draw near to me and reveal my heart in order to free me, in order to walk with me in the cool of the day. Your Word is like a fresh breeze on a hot day and infuses me with strength and vitality. I declare that the voice of the enemy has no power over me, for I live according to every Word proceeding from Your mouth, from Your heart.

Lord, I cry out to You for a heart like David. I long to desire You as the most important necessity of my life. I long to pant after You as the deer pants for a brook of water. Captivate my heart and let me not love or look to another. Past circumstances or failure have not one bit of relevance when it comes to how You feel about me. Open my eyes to see You as I gaze upon the beauty of Your Word—as I reflect on the loveliness of Your name. You are sweeter than the honeycomb and stronger than bands of steel. Your name and Your love endure forever. And I am in You, therefore, I endure forever.

I come into the garden of our relationship and pick fresh flowers every day. I feed on the manna of Your Word morning by morning, evening by evening. I taste and see that You are good. As I draw from Your presence I am a fresh bouquet of flowers dispensing Your fragrance everywhere I go and in everything I do. I let go of the memories I hold on to in favor of fresh revelation and truth. I learn from the lessons of the past and they enable me to succeed with humility in the moment and the days to come. I discard all old flowers and manna to walk in the garden with You.

Show me the little foxes that so easily beset me in order to draw me away from You out of fear, shame, and guilt or for any other reason. Teach me the power found in the simplicity of speaking Your name throughout the course of my days. I depend on Your name, for it is above all names.

I thank You for sending Your precious Son as a declaration of Your everlasting love. You are a wonderful vinedresser and an ever-loving Father. Thank You, Jesus, for Your willingness to give Your life that I might have a place to live. You have provided an abiding place for the here, the now and the life to come. I cling to You, drawing all my strength and love from You.

Go rejoicing and serve the Lord.

Your servant and brother,

+ Godfrey Gregg DD


Author: Godfrey Gregg